Friday, December 17, 2010

Sex for Beer

Why not right?

So you would never believe what Kat made me do today for beer...I thought she was my friend but now our relationship has been defined as pimp and ho...

Ha if either one of us ever has to get the other to do something...we do quite well on our own accord (except Kat did suggest I post on this, cause it is kinda funny), and we certainly never have taken or require payment! (although sometimes we have talked about it for cyber

So here it is, payment for sex (although he did state clearly 'THIS IS A GIFT, CAUSE I LIKE YOU", that was after I said "I feel like a prostitute taking your beer"). Kiwi had been emailing me a couple of weeks ago to get together...he was going in for a second 'snip' and family were soon to be arriving for the holiday season, so he was trying to get one last visit in with me (his usual request, just 5 mins, see your boobies, jerk off - which we know he wants me to jerk or suck him off). Anyway, I had to put him off due to some circumstances in my life. He checked in on me a week later and sure enough he was hoping I would see him and test out his equipment post surgery (once again asking to just see my boobies and jerk off LOL).

He had sent a few messages last night trying to firm up plans. I guess he had to go to his storage locker and pick up some beer (job related), and asked if I would come along. He had mentioned in his email that he would give Kat and I some beer, and joked about it being a form of bribery ha ha. I think one time before he offered me beer or something, and I told him Grey Goose only! Anyway, when Kat and I drove into work today I told her about the beer. I was actually going to decline it, but she said "no take the what you have to do", and of course we laughed about her whoring me out!

So I get the text this morning, he picks me up and off we go to the storage locker. Kiwi and I have come a long way, we talked that we have been seeing each other for two years now and how our relationship is kinda cool. Somehow Big's name came up (some story I was telling I am sure) and then he asked me how many times I have done this...well, as you can imagine, I quickly sidestepped that conversation...DO MEN REALLY WANT TO KNOW HOW MANY MEN YOU HAVE BEEN WITH? (I think he understood he was not the first, or the last). Anyway, once at the locker, I climbed into the back, when he got in, he was like a giddy school boy, his eyes lit up at the sight of my cleavage (I had told him I was wearing a turtleneck, he was pleased I was not!). A man with such simple needs...and off he went, he started to stroke himself, I showed him my tits, and we kissed (which I absolutely love kissing him), and then of course I had to take over, I have to participate, why have me there if I can't touch...well not long before he was cumming (just a quick slotting in between my tits, a bit of a suck, more stroking by me...and bob's your uncle!).

He drives me back to Kat's office, Kat comes down and the beer is deposited into the back of the done, mission accomplished! Kat says to me after I tell her about the "session" that I should have got two cases for all of that! She is such a hard you know she will be wearing grill and a nice furry hat!



    OMG I'm laughing so hard right now I almost peed myself.

  2. Kat, there's your next HNT pic: decked out in the pimp gear. ;)

    Oh, also... if you're pimping Agnes out... We can work out a discount for old friends, right? ;) And how much is it to sleep with the ho AND the pimp? hehe

  3. Discount???? Heck for you how about you take her for free and I'll throw in a couple of condoms too...just because I'm nice. LOL

    As for a two of us together..hmmmmm...Agnes and I will have a round table and get back to you.

  4. As long as you're holding a round table, don't forget to include the new guy in town in the conversations!

    Agnes and Kat -- thanks for stopping by over at my new venture and leaving your pearls of infinite wisdom. I'm looking forward to posting more and riding shotgun with you on our trip to hell together!

  5. Kat, you've got yourself a deal. Agnes, you've got yourself a great pimp there; don't let her get away.

    Speaking of which, when you figure out that two-fer deal, I'll be all over that. ;)