Friday, December 3, 2010

TG...FT (for Thursdays)...

Ahhhh my teenage romps with FG...Love them!!!!! I know Kat turns her nose up at our escapades, but I do not very often have the luxury of a hotel room or my bedroom to be with my FG and I make due...and believe me, we were overdue!

Well at the start of the week we thought we might get an afternoon for some loving in a hotel room, but quickly work and family obligations filled up those windows. So yesterday we talked about a romp and a swim after work (we meet at our local pool on occasion, I do laps, he waits for me in the steam room, and then we steal glances at each other or the odd conversation or touch when no one else is with us or looking...again Kat rolls her eyes here!). Anyway, things had been building all week of course, as they do, I was to pick up my car and then meet after going home, of course things always get delayed and changed, but I had to feel him inside of me, so despite having a bit of a time crunch at home, we decided to meet.

I got there before him, he claimed he was delayed due to traffic, I say it was the coffee he had to stop for! Anyway, I knew as soon as he came to the car I was not going to he walked toward my VERSATILITY (our inside joke), I got out of the driver's seat and directed him to the backseat of the car, poor guy was a bit startled, coffee in hand, which I grabbed away from him...I immediately began to kiss him, and started to unbuckle his belt...I did not waste any time in taking hold what was mine and what I needed. I removed my pants and straddled myself across him, he reached down and felt my wet pussy, before he gave into the moment and guided me onto his nice hard thick cock. I love that position with FG...he stays nice and hard and makes me nice and was not long before I was cumming and enjoying the sensation of him moving in and out of me...I could feel the head of his cock moving in and out and hitting my gspot, increasing my pleasure and his, he pulled my top up so he could take my nipples into his mouth and run his hands over my breasts and down my stomach and rub my clit as I continued to move my hips and grind with him...I knew when he whispered "Don't stop, don't stop..." that he would soon be cumming...and he did. It was the hottest five minutes EVER (okay maybe it was a bit longer, but not much). We both were sweating and panting...and while we both hate fucking and running, we had to...but we knew we would see each other at the pool and somehow that it made it better...

When I got out of the pool after my laps, I meet him in the steam room...we were all alone and I looked at him and we both said, "what just happened?" and then he said "you were really in the moment" (he keeps saying that, and I think it was due to my assertiveness/agression...of course I am all insecure asking, "what did I do?" ie. pass gas lol)

We are still in an afterglow and as a result are craving each other tenfold. This is a way better Friday then last...I will not go into details now, but all this was almost gone...I love this man and what he does to me, I am not sure how I can ever give this up?! And as a result of his actions in return, neither can he!

Happy Friday everyone...Hope you all get lucky this weekend!


  1. sure - you know I have needs that are not being met and now I have to read this hot little post....ugggghhhh - you are evil!

  2. Phew! That sounds like a great 5 (or 7?) minutes! Sometimes it doesn't need to be long, it just needs to be intense. When you've been missing someone's touch like that, and you just need it, right NOW.

  3. When you gotta have it, you gotta have it. :)

  4. Oh and the addendum to this is...two hours in a hotel room...NAKED!!!!!