Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day

So it began snowing Tuesday night and when I awoke Wednesday morning I had no idea what was in store for me! My hubbie called to say not to travel into work as the roads were terrible, and my boss also said to take a snow what is a girl to do but to take a snow day?!

Who did I message first? You got FG! I dropped my daughter off then we got on the phone...workout first then breakie? Breakie! Off we went to our fav breakfast spot where there is a breakfast bar; we sat with one stool between us (so romantic! heh we live in a smaller town, one has to be careful you know, plus he knew the owner). Anyway, it was almost like sharing a meal together...while we were there we joked about renting a room from Kat. I then messaged her and she said "sure come over...I am off for a nap!" (she is so accommodating...along with leaving out some towels and condoms!). So after breakie we drove over to Kat's place and got busy, it was so wonderful. What made it even more wonderful was that it was so unplanned.

I love being with him, he enjoys every inch of my body and he takes full control. All of the issues we had in the past are gone now and sex has completely intensified. He loves taking his time with me, he removed my clothing and laid me down onto the bed, slowly kissing down my body and down between my legs, where he looked up at me while was thorough enjoying me. I didn't cum but was darn close when he came back up, I pulled him up so I could take him into my mouth. Next he was pulling me up onto my feet and turning us towards the mirror where he pulled back on my hair worked over my body, kissing my neck, touching my clit and then slowly sliding his cock in from behind, watching me move and twist in pleasure in the mirror, I only peeked. Next he moved me back towards the bed and slightly bent me over so he could move right inside of me...nothing better than that feeling of his cock moving in and out of me, feeling the full length of his shaft, the feelings and orgasm building inside of me was incredible. After we came we just collapsed on the bed with him on top of me, just breathing heavy together and holding each other's hands. We moved under the covers and just lay together holding each other, touching each other (my hand lightly stroking the boys...which he loved). I love just watching him when his eyes are closed, he looks so content and handsome to me.

Well time started to get away from us of course, but before we climbed out of bed, I pulled him on top of me for a cuddle (he said this is not a cuddle...and he was right), next thing I know we are kissing passionately and he begins to harden and slip inside of me again, we slowly begin to make love, just moving ever so gently and then...."HELLO...YOU GUYS...CAN FG move his vehicle..." It was Kat, she had to head out...UGGGHHHHHH...well it was good while it lasted!

So we got dressed and then headed off to the gym was like we were a couple...and we finished off in the hot tub, touching hands underneath the water (so romantic, I know ha ha).

And that was it...a chunk of unplanned naked time with my lover...who could ask for more! But once again, after sharing "almost normal" time together, it makes it so much harder to go home and carry on with our days and our lives with our spouses, when we know we want to go home and do all those day to day things with each other.

I don't think a day goes by that I am not thinking about being with FG, and would it work in "real life" and can I walk away from my life with my husband etc etc...I am wishing for a day when it all becomes clear as to what to do and how to move forward! With or without him...AND WITHOUT OTHER MEN...see my P.S. below!!!!

P.S. Big called again yesterday as I was on my way to the pool, he was at the airport and wanted to know if I would come by to makeout...well I was half way there...what did I do? Dang...I went to makeout! I know I know you ask how do post as I do above, and then go meet some other guy? Please someone tell me why?! I am doing it for them, and for my ego I suppose. I am definitely not attracted to Big like I once was. I guess I am just surprised that he still desires me and wants me, it's also a curiosity thing. He was so excited to see me and so turned on by me, it was crazy...of course I had to pretend to be as equally turned on. I almost felt like I was in the driver's seat! (which never was the case in the past with Big). I swear sometimes I am schizophrenic or split personality...I guess it is like how things were with my husband when I believed I loved him , but still had sex with other men...and now I love FG but still seem to want to be physical with other men with no emotional attachment??? I welcome any examinations of this behavior and of me! Just be gentle!

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Sweet Kiwi

Just got this message this morning:

OK, I need to see you...... How long’s it been? You say spontaneous......but this isn’t even that!


Now how can I give this up? Poor guy needs some head...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Got it!

My naked time...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh much better, sorry motel for that wet spot on the floor! We were courteous enough to use a towel on the bed!

That was one hot lovemaking session, I even teared up at one point the emotions and feelings were so strong and deep. I felt silly but couldn't really control myself. He didn't notice at the time, but I mentioned it after. Then we joked that I was "bursting" from all parts of my body! (I had told him I was bursting to see him beforehand).

...and then of course...the wife ruined the afterglow (as she usually does)! We were spooning away, when the phone started to ring...real important stuff...she wanted to know if he took the mail this morning...of course as soon as that message was received FG checked out, and was anxious to get going (she had also been hassling him about the other usual stuff all morning) - I won't go on about it cause I am sure many of you have experienced being with someone who is in, including yourselves, an unhappy dysfunctional marriage (we are not all just sex addicts - ha ha).

Anyway, we got dressed and we both moaned and groaned (me a bit more of course) for having to cut things short, and I have to admit I left feeling a bit sad and empty....all the hotness and closeness was almost cancelled out by one phone I can choose to finish my day by feeling mopey and sorry for myself, or thankful for the time I did have with FG, let's go with the high road today...OMG I love that cock!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Desperate for Naked Time

My body is craving naked time with my FG...we have had a few "car meetings" but we need to get naked...we have not been naked since Christmas (which was a week of indulgence for us). I am seriously going mad. We were supposed to meet at the end of the day for a motel hookup but already a wrench has been thrown in, which of course happens when one is having an affair! We just roll with it right? And POUT!

In the meantime, not much else going on...I got a random text from the Kiwi, just saying "Hi", and Big called has called me twice to come over for some morning loving (it's funny I had not seen him since November and then I was thinking about him one morning and sure enough he calls! That happens to me quite often), both times I was unable to come over, and honestly not sure I would have gone if I could have, but always nice to know you are still wanted. Single Guy and I chat on occasion and he tells me he misses me and asks to meet me for coffee when he is in town, but nothing has materialized for quite some time, which I am okay with he kinda creeps me about a bit now for some reason, plus I think he bullshits a bit and I have no time for that!).

Oh and I did go meet another English fellow from AM...I had gone on to check something out for Kat one day and got a couple of interesting messages, which of course I responded to cause that's what I do! ha ha Anyway, he does not live here but comes over for business on occasion. We kept making plans to meet but due either his schedule or mine, plans fell through. Well finally last week, I went to meet him. I actually could not stay as I did have plans come up again, but I really wanted to just meet him and felt I owed him that (ha ha I know I owed him nothing). So I drove to his hotel and he jumped in my car and we parked. I told him right away I couldn't stay and apologized for that...we sat and chatted, and then when I said I had to get going, he leaned over to hug me and of course started to kiss me...mmmm super soft lips, nice kisser, who am I not to kiss back (nice looking guy too, better than in the picture), and wandering hands (somehow he managed to get his hand in my buttoned up coat and cop a feel of my breasts, where there is a will there is a way I suppose). Anyway, it was getting a bit steamy so I thought I better cut it off and get going. After I left I received some emails about the state I had left him in, and what he had wished he could have done to me in his hotel room that afternoon. I have not heard from him since, and not sure I will again, but I would certainly consider it to see if there is chemistry outside of the car (which if course carries with it guilt on the FG front!).

Oh and I am chatting with another guy, who thinks I have never "crossed the line" not sure why but started chatting he seemed pretty innocent and curious and I just did not feel like doing my usual "tell all", wanted to pretend I was not the Ho I really am...let him walk me through the motions, so to speak! It's kinda fun...

And then in the works is my reunion with my Swiss Mister....I should know his travel plans in the next couple weeks...we are going to meet in the location we met two years ago. He just sent me a video while I was away skiing with the he says, he was "wanking" to a previous video I sent him. I don't know what it is but this man excites me and turns me on so much, it might be partly cause he also seems to be desiring me so much as well. I mean it has been two years since we met and we still keep in touch. Despite being in love with my FG, I will never give up an opportunity to be with Swiss Mister again. This time I will get him for more than two nights! I better get the lube out, he is definitely an ass man! Sooooooooo excited!

Okay, I think that about covers it for now, sorry not super hot and exciting, but it is just the beginning of the year after all!

I will post if FG and I do get together this afternoon. I must comment here that sex has improved tenfold with FG...we are working very well together now, that great thick cock of his now is a very hard thick cock that I love to ride, and which he loves to move so nice and slow in and out of me, letting me feel every inch of him...he is not a jackhammer by any means, he likes to take his time...and I don't mind him doing that!

Ciao for now