Thursday, February 17, 2011

Desperate for Naked Time

My body is craving naked time with my FG...we have had a few "car meetings" but we need to get naked...we have not been naked since Christmas (which was a week of indulgence for us). I am seriously going mad. We were supposed to meet at the end of the day for a motel hookup but already a wrench has been thrown in, which of course happens when one is having an affair! We just roll with it right? And POUT!

In the meantime, not much else going on...I got a random text from the Kiwi, just saying "Hi", and Big called has called me twice to come over for some morning loving (it's funny I had not seen him since November and then I was thinking about him one morning and sure enough he calls! That happens to me quite often), both times I was unable to come over, and honestly not sure I would have gone if I could have, but always nice to know you are still wanted. Single Guy and I chat on occasion and he tells me he misses me and asks to meet me for coffee when he is in town, but nothing has materialized for quite some time, which I am okay with he kinda creeps me about a bit now for some reason, plus I think he bullshits a bit and I have no time for that!).

Oh and I did go meet another English fellow from AM...I had gone on to check something out for Kat one day and got a couple of interesting messages, which of course I responded to cause that's what I do! ha ha Anyway, he does not live here but comes over for business on occasion. We kept making plans to meet but due either his schedule or mine, plans fell through. Well finally last week, I went to meet him. I actually could not stay as I did have plans come up again, but I really wanted to just meet him and felt I owed him that (ha ha I know I owed him nothing). So I drove to his hotel and he jumped in my car and we parked. I told him right away I couldn't stay and apologized for that...we sat and chatted, and then when I said I had to get going, he leaned over to hug me and of course started to kiss me...mmmm super soft lips, nice kisser, who am I not to kiss back (nice looking guy too, better than in the picture), and wandering hands (somehow he managed to get his hand in my buttoned up coat and cop a feel of my breasts, where there is a will there is a way I suppose). Anyway, it was getting a bit steamy so I thought I better cut it off and get going. After I left I received some emails about the state I had left him in, and what he had wished he could have done to me in his hotel room that afternoon. I have not heard from him since, and not sure I will again, but I would certainly consider it to see if there is chemistry outside of the car (which if course carries with it guilt on the FG front!).

Oh and I am chatting with another guy, who thinks I have never "crossed the line" not sure why but started chatting he seemed pretty innocent and curious and I just did not feel like doing my usual "tell all", wanted to pretend I was not the Ho I really am...let him walk me through the motions, so to speak! It's kinda fun...

And then in the works is my reunion with my Swiss Mister....I should know his travel plans in the next couple weeks...we are going to meet in the location we met two years ago. He just sent me a video while I was away skiing with the he says, he was "wanking" to a previous video I sent him. I don't know what it is but this man excites me and turns me on so much, it might be partly cause he also seems to be desiring me so much as well. I mean it has been two years since we met and we still keep in touch. Despite being in love with my FG, I will never give up an opportunity to be with Swiss Mister again. This time I will get him for more than two nights! I better get the lube out, he is definitely an ass man! Sooooooooo excited!

Okay, I think that about covers it for now, sorry not super hot and exciting, but it is just the beginning of the year after all!

I will post if FG and I do get together this afternoon. I must comment here that sex has improved tenfold with FG...we are working very well together now, that great thick cock of his now is a very hard thick cock that I love to ride, and which he loves to move so nice and slow in and out of me, letting me feel every inch of him...he is not a jackhammer by any means, he likes to take his time...and I don't mind him doing that!

Ciao for now


  1. "wanted to pretend I was not the Ho I really am" ...Oh you crack me up. That so applies to me as well!!!

    You are craving naked time - I don't want to hear it! I've gone 5 months for my naked time that is coming up in 3 days - CANNOT WAIT!!!

  2. I know I know I am so insensitive...but it's coming for you!!!!! And I am so excited for you!

  3. I'll put myself in that category as well, except my naked time with Meredith was only a month ago, and we're going to see each other again soon. So... compared to you two, I have nothing to complain about. ;)