Friday, February 18, 2011

Got it!

My naked time...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh much better, sorry motel for that wet spot on the floor! We were courteous enough to use a towel on the bed!

That was one hot lovemaking session, I even teared up at one point the emotions and feelings were so strong and deep. I felt silly but couldn't really control myself. He didn't notice at the time, but I mentioned it after. Then we joked that I was "bursting" from all parts of my body! (I had told him I was bursting to see him beforehand).

...and then of course...the wife ruined the afterglow (as she usually does)! We were spooning away, when the phone started to ring...real important stuff...she wanted to know if he took the mail this morning...of course as soon as that message was received FG checked out, and was anxious to get going (she had also been hassling him about the other usual stuff all morning) - I won't go on about it cause I am sure many of you have experienced being with someone who is in, including yourselves, an unhappy dysfunctional marriage (we are not all just sex addicts - ha ha).

Anyway, we got dressed and we both moaned and groaned (me a bit more of course) for having to cut things short, and I have to admit I left feeling a bit sad and empty....all the hotness and closeness was almost cancelled out by one phone I can choose to finish my day by feeling mopey and sorry for myself, or thankful for the time I did have with FG, let's go with the high road today...OMG I love that cock!!!!!!!!!!

Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. "Congratulations" doesn't seem like the right word, and yet it's the one that comes to mind. ;)

    Well done? Kudos? lol

    I'm happy for you. These good times always have to come to an end, it seems, and sometimes it's difficult to hold onto the good feelings, instead of giving in to the feelings of sadness at parting.