Thursday, March 31, 2011

I need to learn how to say "No"!

Well, I kind of did today, I never said "Yes" but I should have said "NO" and "NEVER AGAIN"...Kat thinks I need to just cut the ties, I know that I do, I have all that I want in FG, but I continue to entertain the attention I get from previous lovers, and suitors!

This is my day today...a text from Single Guy, a phone call from Big (hoping to catch me on my way to work to come by to play), a text from Kiwi (asking if I was back from vacation yet, and telling me he needed to fuck me, usually it's just to see my "titties"), and an AM guy (English fellow #2) is in town today, and asked to meet me (said he would get a hotel room for an hour or two, then it got reduced to a half hour in his car if that is all I could offer him), oh and my friend who I chat with, has been fantasizing about me daily and placing wagers on our summer soccer league we both play in (and you likely can guess what the wager is for!). So why do I not just say to all of them, "I'm sorry I cannot see you again"????

I do know why, it is for the attention, I mean who would not love to be desired by, what is that 5 guys in a day?, add FG, making 6? Am I that needy and starved for attention...NOOOOOOO....FG gives me everything I need, he really does. I think I just have an illness, an ADDICTION...ha ha

Anyway, just sharing and venting, all in the hopes that one day, I will get some clarity on this matter and the matter of the hub.

Hope y'all get foolish on April Fool's Day!

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