Friday, March 11, 2011

I've changed? Matured? or just in love???

Since Kat won't answer my call, I will just have to blog! She doesn't even know I went to do this today, mostly cause I didn't know if I would follow through.

So not sure if I mentioned but awhile back I went on AM to check out some guys for Kat, and as a result got a couple of messages from two interesting guys, one the english fellow and then a firefighter guy...well I met the english fellow and kissed him...but I finally went to meet the firefighter guy...and for the first time, did not feel compelled to kiss!

We have been chatting for awhile now, just light and fun stuff. He thinks I have only had one affair or experience, sometimes I don't like to come off like a slut! ha ha. We were going to meet a couple other times but plans fell through. So today I said I would meet him for a walk. Funny I drove to the park that I have met many men at ...such a familiar road, but such a different feeling today. I was not really nervous cause I had made up my mind I would just go to meet him and talk. No matter what I would not kiss him! We had a nice chat...he was nervous. Nice enough guy, but the attraction for me was not really there, maybe that's what made it easy not to kiss, along with the fact that there were mothers and fathers and small children nearby!

It is doubtful I will meet him again. And not quite sure how I will deal with that. He doesn't deserve to get involved with someone like me. I am sure he will find it, because his is quite decent and normal, and I am sure attractive to others. In fact, I think Kat would be attracted to him.

I did joke with him that I am having an affair with a "John Smith" and he joked back that he is banging John's wife! Little does he know I am talking about FG!

Speaking of which, FG has been gone for two days now, but with the miracle of skype we have been able to talk a couple times now and we flashed a few body parts, ohhh those feet! (inside joke)...hold on that was by text this morning...I made him send me a couple of pre-shower shots! He is so shy, he hates doing it...but he did it for moi! I really do miss him, and I am not looking forward to when I go away the following week because it will be more difficult to communicate with him, at least he is on his own this week. Last night I went to bed and thought...I am in the wrong bed with the wrong man, how much longer can I do this.

TGIF everyone!!!!! Have a great weekend! Hope you all get laid, cause I know I certainly will not!


  1. Funny side note, well I thought it was funny! When we were leaving FF (firefighter) said he had to look up online what a "Versatile" was (I told him I had a red versatile, not even thinking about it). Of course it is a VERSA, but FG and I call it the Versatile for all of its many purposes! Here FF thought I had some fancy hybrid!

  2. Still, you're out there meeting people . . . taking positive action. I like that.

    You just need to come to the east coast, to meet some more people :-)


  3. Darn! As I was reading, I thought "oh, I'm soon gonna read about her sexy tryst with a firefighter"!! Oh well, it cannot always be full on chemistry.

  4. Sorry to disappoint France! Should I send him your way?