Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have to apologize for my inattentiveness to this blog and everyone else's blogs.  To be honest not a whole lot of excitement in my life right now.  I am still hooking up with B on a sort of monthly basis.  Why am I not sharing my moments with B...well I guess it is because it has become more intimate.  Gone are the days of us hooking up for hot unemotional sex.  Not to say that the sex is not hot because believe me it is even better but it is filled with emotions now which was kind of unexpected.  Anyways this is in part the reason that I have not been blogging.

Why am I now?  Well some small things have been going on beyond B.  About a year ago the neighbor and I had started flirting with each other.  Nothing serious just innocent flirting.  We had met for lunch last May and had kissed and after that not much happened.  A few text messages here and there but that was about it.  Recently I ran into him outside of his place and he advised that he had moved out and that him and his wife were getting a divorce.  And so it begins......

One random Thursday night he sends me a message asking me to come see his new place.  I of course jumped at the opportunity.  It didn't take long after he showed me around that we landed up on the couch with our hands ripping off each other's clothes.  I didn't want to rush this so I told him that I wanted it to be just about him...so I did what I do best.  He seriously had the biggest penis head I have ever taken into my mouth...it took everything I had not to stop and tell him to fuck me.  Thankfully I didn't have to wait long for that as the following Thursday I got my "booty" call and I got exactly what I wanted.

It sometimes amazes me how when you meet someone you sense that one day you will be having sex with that person.  It isn't the first either.  When I met the "lawyer" that worked in our building I new immediately that one day we would be fucking.  I will tell you all about how this all went down in my next post.

Again sorry for being absent for so long but I see that Agnes has managed to keep you all entertained.


  1. No worries about absence. My blog has become a bit barren lately too. (Although I have a post I really need to write...)

    I know what you mean about meeting someone and knowing it's going to happen. In my case, it doesn't always, but it often ends up at a place where it could, and I don't go there.

  2. Hmmm, "hot unemotional sex" . . . where can I find some of that, again? :-)

    Glad you're back, Kat.


  3. I've always said a woman knows if she is going to have sex with a guy within about 1 hour of getting to know you.

    If she doesn't have that feeling it's very hard to talk your way into sex. Of course, as I've found out, its not too hard to talk your way out :)