Friday, April 29, 2011

The Lobby Walk...

Oh the nervousness of it all, the hotel lobby walk! I did not really want to go, I was feeling guilty that I was even considering it. Was ready to cancel even at the 11th hour (is that the proper saying?). After all, I am in love, right? Who does this? But I was compelled to meet the young englishman, who I had been putting off and putting off (other than the brief kiss one day, which did leave me a bit curious, and of course was supposed to be the kiss off!) I have this thing that if I say I am going to do something I don't like to back out. And I know that that is crazy with respect to matters such as these, as I know I owe nothing to these men, but that is how sick and demented...and weak I am!

So 11:45 it was, Room I walked through the lunch hour streets downtown, glancing over my shoulder looking for anyone I knew who might see me entering a hotel lobby, I ducked in (hopefully unseen). Smiled and nodded to the hotel staff, and then strutted as if I belonged there and was not there for a nooner but a seminar or something on the mezzanine! I get off the elevator and knock on 603, fek no answer! I knock again...standing in the hallway as cleaning staff approaching. Hurry the fek up I think, open the door! Thoughts of, "has he stood me up?...wrong hotel?"...then the door opens up and my heart is racing!!!!! I really can hardly breathe! He grabs me and pulls me in, with my bag on my shoulder, coat on, he begins kissing me! (great kiss still, sexually arousing but passionless). WE finally decide time to get my coat and bag off, we continue to kiss, his hands are moving about over my clothes, fumbling to remove them one piece at a time. He lays me on the bed. I was anticipating him to stop so that I could unbuckle his jeans, but no, he was all about me.

The clothes came off and we searched each other's bodies. He continued to kiss me, and then slowly moved down between my legs. I never expect much, especially with a random, and it can take me awhile especially if they are not skilled, but I found out quickly enough he was skilled. And soon I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and then the orgasm was building, I was so surprised that his subtle flicks of his tongue were actually bringing about these feelings, that I almost didn't go there, but then I just let go and enjoyed the ride and came. And now I needed cock! Inside of me now! and I got just that! It was different than the usual slow and passionate fucking with FG, I think this is what they refer to as "jackhammering"? Very strong and purposeful and quick thrusts, and again, surprisingly good. He soon came (which was good, as the pace he was going at was causing my belly to jiggle a bit and I was feeling a bit self-conscious). I joked and said "Okay, let's go again..." Well he did just that! He started to move inside of me again, slowing moving inside and out of me, kissing me and sucking on my breasts, I could feel him still hard inside of me. And then he made a quick "change". Before he regloved, I climbed on top and we kissed some more, then I slid down and took his cock in my mouth and slowly stroked and sucked him, he seemed to be enjoying this, but soon he was wanting to be inside of me again, so we geared up (so romantic I know) and he pulled me on top of him! (now I was not sure if I had told him how wet I get, we really did not have a lot of email conversations, but he quickly found out). The feeling of him deep inside of me immediately made me gush, he seemed pleasantly surprised. Next I knew he was flipping me over so that he could pound me from behind doggie style; and once again he came. (oh and he liked the ass grab and slapping of the ass, I never know how far to carry that with a random, just never know where that could take you, so I kind of discouraged it in an oh so subtle way).

I am sure he would have gone again, but we lay and talked a bit. He is a really nice guy, very smart and quite funny. But again, no connection. He could have been a guy at the bus or in line at a coffee shop. I told him I better get back to work but needed to have a quick shower first. No attempts were made to join me...phew! When I returned with my towel on, he approached me again and started to kiss me. But I persevered and continued to get dressed. He also persevered in trying to remove my clothing again. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to pull out the ol'karate chop! But he took my cues, as I quickly tightened the belt on my coat! ha ha

So we kissed goodbye and said our niceties, and I have not heard from him since! I have no plans to message. Not sure he does either. It was an enjoyable lunch for sure. And a definite affirmation for me that I do not get enjoyment anymore from this type of meeting. Yes I came, etc etc but I get that from FG and so much more!

As an aside, and kind of weird and funny, yesterday morning on my way to work Big called and asked me to come over. I was already late for work because FG and I had had coffee, and I knew I would be taking an extended lunch, so I declined (for those reasons and more!). And then he made mention that we should do a hotel day soon, I almost laughed as the hotel we always went to was the one I was meeting young englishman at that day! I actually confessed to young englishman that I had been in that hotel a few times before! Why not, right?!

Anyway people...TGIF!!!!! and hopefully this will be a good day! I have an afternoon planned with FG! Out to enjoy the sunshine! And a dinner date with my favourite girl, KAT! Dinner and much more could a girl ask for!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sex at the Lake

Ha Ha there a theme developing? Does Agnes like bodies of water or just bodies near the water?

So ended up scoring an extra vacation day this weekend! Woo Hoo! And fortuitously FG was free for a few hours as well! So as much as we wanted to head back to our oceanside spot at we had such a wonderful time, we needed to pick something a bit closer to home just in case the "families" needed us. We stopped and picked up some lunch and then headed to the lake. This time of year the only people you see are the solo fishermen and the odd dog walker, a fairly safe locale to be able to walk and even hold hands (awww those simple pleasures).

Well of course we never walk very far before we have to stop and makeout and grope and practically rip clothes off. Things were heating up, so we decided we needed to find a spot to continue what we were starting. So back to the car to grab blankets, lunch etc I let FG pick the spot but next time I will be picking it! It was secluded and all, but the ridges of rocks under my back which have left mother nature's kiss just above my crack (two nice lovely bruises) was not so comfy! You know I just have to say, hotel rooms are overrated, so many options in the good ol' outdoors!

Well we continued on with our making out (I use that term cause when we are together, we both feel like teenagers), and soon enough I was soaking the blanket and begging him to fuck me. Unfortunately it was that time of month where a condom was required ...which we both dislike, they never work well for him. It is better than it was, but he is never able to cum, so it seemed as though we were making love for hours; it was necessary for me to take matters into my own hands (and mouth, which of course I enjoy pleasing him this way).

We composed ourselves and then sat and ate our lunch. He was getting a bit ancy as he had not received any texts or calls from the wife, which was unusual. So I told him we could go but why not message them. So he did and then relaxed a bit, so we ended up sitting in the back of his truck, soaking up the spring sun and chatted for another hour or so. I have to say it is those moment that I love. We just connect and enjoy each other's company.

While the lovemaking was not flawless, the time spent together was wonderful. A perfect way to head into the long weekend. I actually saw him yesterday briefly (well long enough to get each other off ha ha), and he was telling me that the night before he was recanting in his mind our lake lovemaking and there was a moment our eyes locked onto each others, I do recall that moment, we were so deeply connected, and he told me yesterday, he just wanted to tell me he loved me at that moment. He never said it, but we both felt it....and of course that recanting led to a very passionate kiss yesterday and more....this is not getting any easier.

Why oh why...

Ugh! Out with Kat Thursday had been awhile. Just out for some drinks and a visit. We both did not want a wild night. When we got to the pub she mentioned her "friend" may be stopping by to the pub, the friend she also advised me she had divulged our blog to!

Well of course who wouldn't want to come meet Agnes and Kat for a drink ha ha! No hiding now! I was not concerned about him knowing about blog and our wicked ways as he had met Kat thru AM so he had already entered this adulterous secret I figure he has as much to lose as me by breaking any trust! (we live in a very small community...not geographically so much just in the 'who you know')

Well he showed up, and definitely seemed a bit nervous, but there was an element of excitement and curiosity about him too! I mean it was clear there was some serious attraction between him and Kat! But also he had this knowledge of me and my whorish ways! And you have to know if I know someone knows of those ways I am quite comfortable talking about "stuff". We actually had some interesting conversations and he asked me some good questions. One particularly good one, that I ask myself a lot, while I do love my FG, can I be totally honest with him (essentially would I ever tell him about my extracurricular activities). It was kinda funny cause he was very careful to make it clear he was not judging by asking his questions; I knew he was not judging, just intrigued and curious I guess.

Anyway, he was getting ancy and he wanted to go, but he was also getting quite turned on. Kat offered to take him to her truck, of which I strongly encouraged. I should have just stayed in the bar and waited for them to do their thing but nooooo i went to the truck and of course was motioned inside to join them. I told them "no i would come back" but they insisted. So I jumped in. Told them to just carry on and ignore me! Well they began to do their thing while i was reading emails from FG etc. All of a sudden I feel a hand reaching over my seat touching my shoulder and my face etc, then Kat suggests that he just give me a kiss as he is a great kisser and I need to experience it, or something like that. Well no hesitation on his part to lean over my seat for a kiss. He moved back and Kat moved into a position she is very skilled at (of course I am still traumatized by the slurping and sucking noises I had to endure!) He was definitely getting very turned on, not only by Kat's handy skills but the fact that he was in a truck with two women, and the second one, ME, was allowing him to kiss her and touch her! His hand continued to reach over the seat to try to touch me and then he asked me to come back there, and was kind of pulling me back...meanwhile our lil' workhouse Kat was going at it. I remember thinking, "she is having to do all the work, while here we are kissing" and she told me later she started to think the same thing. In fact it was taking so long for him to cum (or seemed that way), that again a thought crossed my mind and I almost wanted to tell him "pay attention, she is doing a good job down there" ha ha

Anyway, he came and we retreated to our respective seats. We all kind of laughed about the situation, I think he was apologizing a bit (maybe that was for puncturing my lip! lol) but he also was very turned on with what just happened. No slag against him, nice guy, but I had a beer buzz and I have difficulty saying "no" so I just went with the flow, I mean really what else was I supposed to do? And I was admittedly drawn into the whole scene knowing it was a huge turn on for him. And more importantly, I knew Kat was okay with it. I was taking cues from her on whether or not this was all okay that I kissed "her man"; I mean after all she suggested it!

While none of this isa big deal in the grand scheme of things (for Kat and I that is), I just wonder when I will be able to not put myself in these situations and be faithful to the man I love? Not trying to be dramatic here...just continues to baffle me at times. And would I have done this without a beer buzz? And here Kat and I were just talking the other day about growing up, maturiing, moving into a new phase...ha ha

Happy Easter one and all...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sex on the beach...

A much more successful experience yesterday than the first time FG and I tried to have sex on the beach (sand fleas biting my legs and ass, wife texting and calling, issues with a condom...oh those early days were fun!)

I didn't even think I would see FG this weekend, which was part of the reason I was pouting big time and even considering a meeting with Big! But a window opened up and FG and I arranged to meet at a new spot, oceanside. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, a beautiful day.

We arrived at our location and got out of our cars and gave each other the biggest hug (you have to understand that is a luxury as usually we have to sit in our car and contort our bodies for a hug); feels so good to have our bodies touch like that...the simple things in life. We stood kissing and hugging at our cars for a few moments. I had to take a quick call and while I was talking on my phone, FG turned me around and reached his hand down my pants, feeling for my wetness, such a naughty boy as cars passed us by.

I suggested we move down onto the beach and take some shelter from the wind. He grabbed the blankets from his truck and down we soon as we set up and tucked under the blankets we both "sighed" and took in the beauty of the day and this moment of being together out in the open but anonymous to all around us. We laid together, chatted and giggled and then hands began to wander. I am not sure how FG did it (I love when the subtle touches result in the best orgasm ever), but he made me cum and soak my panties in short order. I didn't want him to stop but I wanted him inside of me, down the pants went and down his went as he maneuvered himself inside of me (okay, just have to share that there is often a lot of giggling when we have sex, it was not all quite as smooth as that, remember people we are on a beach, people walking along, so we had to strategically keep ourselves covered so as not to get busted for indecent exposure and acts on the beach! FG shared a laugh with me later that I guess at one point he asked "Am I in?" and apparently I later asked it again). Anyway, he definitely was in and it was amazing, I think the tightness of our bodies to each other provided for the best lovemaking ever, we both came together simultaneously - it was an incredible feeling and one that I have maybe only experienced a couple other times in my life.

As much as we wanted to continue to lie together like that...we needed to resume some public decency ha ha. I shook out my sandfilled jeans and removed the soaking wet panties. He grabbed the beer I gave him the other day (wanted him to try this great beer someone had purchased for me), and we sat cuddling on the beach, sharing sips of beer and basking in the afterglow.

It was a perfect finish to my stressful week...the feeling of yesterday carried over to this morning as I woke up to feel some sand in my ear and hair...

Oh, and the best part of yesterday was there were no text messages or phone calls, or even discussions of our respective spouses. Not sure if that was conscious or not on FG's part but either way, it was noted and appreciated.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Feeling Discombobulated...

This is a never good feeling for me, cause then I usually want to engage in self-destructive behaviour (which I previously called, 'just having fun') aka want to fuck a random person to escape!

I am very frustrated this week with FG and his situation at home. There is no improvement just tales of endless passive-aggressive texts and him indulging them. And it is their anniversary today and of course, he didn't book the day off, he told the girls he was taking her for dinner (which is a lie) and so on and so on in her text messages...but yet she cannot even meet him for a coffee, the olive branch he extended today...oh ya, she said she would do 2 p.m. knowing he works at 2:30 p.m. I think she is seriously crazy! So then I ask myself, do I want her in my life forever?! Because if he ever did leave her and him and I had a relationship in the real world, she would be there and she would likely be ten times worse! I asked him if I could just call her today and tell her to fuck off...grrrrrrr I am frustrated with her but really I should be equally as frustrated with him, and I am, because he continues to put up with this crap and won't take a stand. And again, do I want to be with a man who cannot take a stand?

And did I mention him and I need to fuck and it has been since last thursday in the car, and who knows how long since we have been fully naked together and in a bed, and no hope for such encounter in the near future. I am going completely mad! I his touch soooo bad. I need some intimacy, I am craving him.

And the undertone to all of this is my husband and I, who actually communicate very well, are the two considering separating to see if we can get back to each other, and I can "find myself" so to speak. This has been very stressful on both of us. Both of us questioning if this is the answer to where we are currently at. I told him I do see him in my future, but cannot promise him it is as a husband. I see in his face every day now the stress and pain I am causing him. I really don't know how I got here, but I am here and feel compelled to go through this process as hard as it is for everyone involved. I feel so many emotions - embarrassment, I feel like a failure, I have fear of being on my own, on the practical side - financial concerns, uggghhhh...

And so because of all of this, I am tempted to take Big up on his invite tomorrow morning, I really shouldn't, I don't really want to, but something just takes over when I am in these moods...and I am considering sleeping with AM English fellow on Tuesday. Just easy emotionless sex...that will leave me feeling guilt ridden where FG is concerned. I hope I talk myself out of it before it happens.

Sorry a bit all over the place today but my head is spinning. Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just ONE quick kiss!

That's the text message I sent, as that is all I had time for this morning...I really had to get into work but I also really had to see FG, after all it had been a whole day! (INSERT KAT ROLLING HER EYES HERE!)

So I dropped my kid off at school and drove as quickly as I could to meet at FG at "Our Spot". I arrived, we had some brief chitter chatter (he was a bit cranky on the wife front, so needed to vent...), and then I leaned in for a kiss, I had 2 minutes before I was supposed to leave...

Then he just could not resist...the hands began to wander, the intensity increased...I said to him "If you are going to continue to touch me like that, you need to fuck me...let's get in the back of the car". He said no, that it was too bright out and someone might see us...then he told me to touch him (as if he ever has to ask???). He was nice and hard and thick as I stroked him through his jeans, this only made me want him more. I said again, "let's get in the back and fuck me", he looked back and saw that the window had fogged up a bit (I guess he figured this was privacy enough), so he agreed and said, "Get in the back!" we jumped in the back, we are a well oiled machine and well-versed at sex in the "Versatile" we both moved our seats forward and climbed in the back, towel laid out...and then the sprint began, I yanked that buckle open and popped that button fly open (which I love to do) and reached in for my nice and thick and ready for me. His hands quickly searched for my pussy ensuring I was good and wet to receive him...and what a surprise...I WAS! One leg out of the pants for me (oh so romantic!) and in he was...oh I love that feeling when he enters this could have gone two ways...he could have never cum for fear someone would drive up and bust us, or the way it happened...he quickly came. We giggled immediately and he said "Yup...that was my Personal Best!", I said, "Oh honey, I am so proud of you! The fastest man alive! Records broken worldwide...3.5 seconds!"

He sent me a text later to say that his two daughters got a PB yesterday at track and their father got his today! I think he gets embarrassed when that happens, but I truly get turned on by that, that he is so riled up that he cannot wait to burst inside of me. And generally I have been satisfied first, so that is the icing on the cake...I don't know why men think we need hours and hours of penetration, uninterrupted.

And then as we composed ourselves to take off, we both said, "Just a kiss right?!"

I love him, and our spontaneity, desire and passion for one another. I am hoping to meet him again later today, and I already know what his focus will be...I better dry out that towel!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dating Woes

Dating when you are single is not as much fun as you may think.  Actually I think I would prefer to go to the dentist then have to sit through a date.  Let's see I've been on a handful of dates over the past few months and although every guy that I have met are extremely nice I find that the chemistry is just not there. I actual miss the meeting of men that are not's so much easier.  You know what you both want and there is none of the trying to impress each other. At the end of the night you are either going to have sex or you are going to go your separate ways and not have to worry about what the other person thought of you.

So with that said I think I am going to take a break on the dating scene and focus my attention on other things.  Dating can wait....for now.