Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dating Woes

Dating when you are single is not as much fun as you may think.  Actually I think I would prefer to go to the dentist then have to sit through a date.  Let's see I've been on a handful of dates over the past few months and although every guy that I have met are extremely nice I find that the chemistry is just not there. I actual miss the meeting of men that are not's so much easier.  You know what you both want and there is none of the trying to impress each other. At the end of the night you are either going to have sex or you are going to go your separate ways and not have to worry about what the other person thought of you.

So with that said I think I am going to take a break on the dating scene and focus my attention on other things.  Dating can wait....for now.



  1. And I find it fun and thrilling to get to know all these guys! It's different though, for sure.

  2. I feel pretty confident that I can speak for the men when I say that it's very nice to meet you people, too. :-)