Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just ONE quick kiss!

That's the text message I sent, as that is all I had time for this morning...I really had to get into work but I also really had to see FG, after all it had been a whole day! (INSERT KAT ROLLING HER EYES HERE!)

So I dropped my kid off at school and drove as quickly as I could to meet at FG at "Our Spot". I arrived, we had some brief chitter chatter (he was a bit cranky on the wife front, so needed to vent...), and then I leaned in for a kiss, I had 2 minutes before I was supposed to leave...

Then he just could not resist...the hands began to wander, the intensity increased...I said to him "If you are going to continue to touch me like that, you need to fuck me...let's get in the back of the car". He said no, that it was too bright out and someone might see us...then he told me to touch him (as if he ever has to ask???). He was nice and hard and thick as I stroked him through his jeans, this only made me want him more. I said again, "let's get in the back and fuck me", he looked back and saw that the window had fogged up a bit (I guess he figured this was privacy enough), so he agreed and said, "Get in the back!" we jumped in the back, we are a well oiled machine and well-versed at sex in the "Versatile" we both moved our seats forward and climbed in the back, towel laid out...and then the sprint began, I yanked that buckle open and popped that button fly open (which I love to do) and reached in for my nice and thick and ready for me. His hands quickly searched for my pussy ensuring I was good and wet to receive him...and what a surprise...I WAS! One leg out of the pants for me (oh so romantic!) and in he was...oh I love that feeling when he enters this could have gone two ways...he could have never cum for fear someone would drive up and bust us, or the way it happened...he quickly came. We giggled immediately and he said "Yup...that was my Personal Best!", I said, "Oh honey, I am so proud of you! The fastest man alive! Records broken worldwide...3.5 seconds!"

He sent me a text later to say that his two daughters got a PB yesterday at track and their father got his today! I think he gets embarrassed when that happens, but I truly get turned on by that, that he is so riled up that he cannot wait to burst inside of me. And generally I have been satisfied first, so that is the icing on the cake...I don't know why men think we need hours and hours of penetration, uninterrupted.

And then as we composed ourselves to take off, we both said, "Just a kiss right?!"

I love him, and our spontaneity, desire and passion for one another. I am hoping to meet him again later today, and I already know what his focus will be...I better dry out that towel!


  1. Ah yes, just one kiss or a quick lunch... yeah, right. ;) Lucky you!

  2. oh such a dirty dirty girl!

  3. Mmmm . . . Intensity of Desire? Meet Opportunity. Now, see how well they get along? :-)

    Wonderful post.


  4. How did you know my car was dirty GLNO? What are a few cum stains in the back of the car?! Ha ha

  5. And to think that my kids drive in the back of that car....oh wait my kids drive in the back of my car as well and you guys have been in there too. Okay now I am thoroughly revolted. LOL