Friday, April 29, 2011

The Lobby Walk...

Oh the nervousness of it all, the hotel lobby walk! I did not really want to go, I was feeling guilty that I was even considering it. Was ready to cancel even at the 11th hour (is that the proper saying?). After all, I am in love, right? Who does this? But I was compelled to meet the young englishman, who I had been putting off and putting off (other than the brief kiss one day, which did leave me a bit curious, and of course was supposed to be the kiss off!) I have this thing that if I say I am going to do something I don't like to back out. And I know that that is crazy with respect to matters such as these, as I know I owe nothing to these men, but that is how sick and demented...and weak I am!

So 11:45 it was, Room I walked through the lunch hour streets downtown, glancing over my shoulder looking for anyone I knew who might see me entering a hotel lobby, I ducked in (hopefully unseen). Smiled and nodded to the hotel staff, and then strutted as if I belonged there and was not there for a nooner but a seminar or something on the mezzanine! I get off the elevator and knock on 603, fek no answer! I knock again...standing in the hallway as cleaning staff approaching. Hurry the fek up I think, open the door! Thoughts of, "has he stood me up?...wrong hotel?"...then the door opens up and my heart is racing!!!!! I really can hardly breathe! He grabs me and pulls me in, with my bag on my shoulder, coat on, he begins kissing me! (great kiss still, sexually arousing but passionless). WE finally decide time to get my coat and bag off, we continue to kiss, his hands are moving about over my clothes, fumbling to remove them one piece at a time. He lays me on the bed. I was anticipating him to stop so that I could unbuckle his jeans, but no, he was all about me.

The clothes came off and we searched each other's bodies. He continued to kiss me, and then slowly moved down between my legs. I never expect much, especially with a random, and it can take me awhile especially if they are not skilled, but I found out quickly enough he was skilled. And soon I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and then the orgasm was building, I was so surprised that his subtle flicks of his tongue were actually bringing about these feelings, that I almost didn't go there, but then I just let go and enjoyed the ride and came. And now I needed cock! Inside of me now! and I got just that! It was different than the usual slow and passionate fucking with FG, I think this is what they refer to as "jackhammering"? Very strong and purposeful and quick thrusts, and again, surprisingly good. He soon came (which was good, as the pace he was going at was causing my belly to jiggle a bit and I was feeling a bit self-conscious). I joked and said "Okay, let's go again..." Well he did just that! He started to move inside of me again, slowing moving inside and out of me, kissing me and sucking on my breasts, I could feel him still hard inside of me. And then he made a quick "change". Before he regloved, I climbed on top and we kissed some more, then I slid down and took his cock in my mouth and slowly stroked and sucked him, he seemed to be enjoying this, but soon he was wanting to be inside of me again, so we geared up (so romantic I know) and he pulled me on top of him! (now I was not sure if I had told him how wet I get, we really did not have a lot of email conversations, but he quickly found out). The feeling of him deep inside of me immediately made me gush, he seemed pleasantly surprised. Next I knew he was flipping me over so that he could pound me from behind doggie style; and once again he came. (oh and he liked the ass grab and slapping of the ass, I never know how far to carry that with a random, just never know where that could take you, so I kind of discouraged it in an oh so subtle way).

I am sure he would have gone again, but we lay and talked a bit. He is a really nice guy, very smart and quite funny. But again, no connection. He could have been a guy at the bus or in line at a coffee shop. I told him I better get back to work but needed to have a quick shower first. No attempts were made to join me...phew! When I returned with my towel on, he approached me again and started to kiss me. But I persevered and continued to get dressed. He also persevered in trying to remove my clothing again. I wasn't sure if I was going to have to pull out the ol'karate chop! But he took my cues, as I quickly tightened the belt on my coat! ha ha

So we kissed goodbye and said our niceties, and I have not heard from him since! I have no plans to message. Not sure he does either. It was an enjoyable lunch for sure. And a definite affirmation for me that I do not get enjoyment anymore from this type of meeting. Yes I came, etc etc but I get that from FG and so much more!

As an aside, and kind of weird and funny, yesterday morning on my way to work Big called and asked me to come over. I was already late for work because FG and I had had coffee, and I knew I would be taking an extended lunch, so I declined (for those reasons and more!). And then he made mention that we should do a hotel day soon, I almost laughed as the hotel we always went to was the one I was meeting young englishman at that day! I actually confessed to young englishman that I had been in that hotel a few times before! Why not, right?!

Anyway people...TGIF!!!!! and hopefully this will be a good day! I have an afternoon planned with FG! Out to enjoy the sunshine! And a dinner date with my favourite girl, KAT! Dinner and much more could a girl ask for!


  1. Agnes-- live and love with no regrets. Just be true to yourself.

  2. Sounds like a perfect date even if there was no connection.

  3. I'm happy I could finish you off at the end of the night. hahaha