Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sex at the Lake

Ha Ha there a theme developing? Does Agnes like bodies of water or just bodies near the water?

So ended up scoring an extra vacation day this weekend! Woo Hoo! And fortuitously FG was free for a few hours as well! So as much as we wanted to head back to our oceanside spot at we had such a wonderful time, we needed to pick something a bit closer to home just in case the "families" needed us. We stopped and picked up some lunch and then headed to the lake. This time of year the only people you see are the solo fishermen and the odd dog walker, a fairly safe locale to be able to walk and even hold hands (awww those simple pleasures).

Well of course we never walk very far before we have to stop and makeout and grope and practically rip clothes off. Things were heating up, so we decided we needed to find a spot to continue what we were starting. So back to the car to grab blankets, lunch etc I let FG pick the spot but next time I will be picking it! It was secluded and all, but the ridges of rocks under my back which have left mother nature's kiss just above my crack (two nice lovely bruises) was not so comfy! You know I just have to say, hotel rooms are overrated, so many options in the good ol' outdoors!

Well we continued on with our making out (I use that term cause when we are together, we both feel like teenagers), and soon enough I was soaking the blanket and begging him to fuck me. Unfortunately it was that time of month where a condom was required ...which we both dislike, they never work well for him. It is better than it was, but he is never able to cum, so it seemed as though we were making love for hours; it was necessary for me to take matters into my own hands (and mouth, which of course I enjoy pleasing him this way).

We composed ourselves and then sat and ate our lunch. He was getting a bit ancy as he had not received any texts or calls from the wife, which was unusual. So I told him we could go but why not message them. So he did and then relaxed a bit, so we ended up sitting in the back of his truck, soaking up the spring sun and chatted for another hour or so. I have to say it is those moment that I love. We just connect and enjoy each other's company.

While the lovemaking was not flawless, the time spent together was wonderful. A perfect way to head into the long weekend. I actually saw him yesterday briefly (well long enough to get each other off ha ha), and he was telling me that the night before he was recanting in his mind our lake lovemaking and there was a moment our eyes locked onto each others, I do recall that moment, we were so deeply connected, and he told me yesterday, he just wanted to tell me he loved me at that moment. He never said it, but we both felt it....and of course that recanting led to a very passionate kiss yesterday and more....this is not getting any easier.

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