Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sex on the beach...

A much more successful experience yesterday than the first time FG and I tried to have sex on the beach (sand fleas biting my legs and ass, wife texting and calling, issues with a condom...oh those early days were fun!)

I didn't even think I would see FG this weekend, which was part of the reason I was pouting big time and even considering a meeting with Big! But a window opened up and FG and I arranged to meet at a new spot, oceanside. The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, a beautiful day.

We arrived at our location and got out of our cars and gave each other the biggest hug (you have to understand that is a luxury as usually we have to sit in our car and contort our bodies for a hug); feels so good to have our bodies touch like that...the simple things in life. We stood kissing and hugging at our cars for a few moments. I had to take a quick call and while I was talking on my phone, FG turned me around and reached his hand down my pants, feeling for my wetness, such a naughty boy as cars passed us by.

I suggested we move down onto the beach and take some shelter from the wind. He grabbed the blankets from his truck and down we soon as we set up and tucked under the blankets we both "sighed" and took in the beauty of the day and this moment of being together out in the open but anonymous to all around us. We laid together, chatted and giggled and then hands began to wander. I am not sure how FG did it (I love when the subtle touches result in the best orgasm ever), but he made me cum and soak my panties in short order. I didn't want him to stop but I wanted him inside of me, down the pants went and down his went as he maneuvered himself inside of me (okay, just have to share that there is often a lot of giggling when we have sex, it was not all quite as smooth as that, remember people we are on a beach, people walking along, so we had to strategically keep ourselves covered so as not to get busted for indecent exposure and acts on the beach! FG shared a laugh with me later that I guess at one point he asked "Am I in?" and apparently I later asked it again). Anyway, he definitely was in and it was amazing, I think the tightness of our bodies to each other provided for the best lovemaking ever, we both came together simultaneously - it was an incredible feeling and one that I have maybe only experienced a couple other times in my life.

As much as we wanted to continue to lie together like that...we needed to resume some public decency ha ha. I shook out my sandfilled jeans and removed the soaking wet panties. He grabbed the beer I gave him the other day (wanted him to try this great beer someone had purchased for me), and we sat cuddling on the beach, sharing sips of beer and basking in the afterglow.

It was a perfect finish to my stressful week...the feeling of yesterday carried over to this morning as I woke up to feel some sand in my ear and hair...

Oh, and the best part of yesterday was there were no text messages or phone calls, or even discussions of our respective spouses. Not sure if that was conscious or not on FG's part but either way, it was noted and appreciated.


  1. Sweet !! I bet it was just amazing !

  2. Sounds wonderful!!

  3. Ahhhhh so sweet! Love this!

  4. I can hear the giggling...and it sort of bring back bad memories. LOL

  5. wow sounds like you guys had some fun on the beach and so jealous.

    Cleo x