Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why oh why...

Ugh! Out with Kat Thursday had been awhile. Just out for some drinks and a visit. We both did not want a wild night. When we got to the pub she mentioned her "friend" may be stopping by to the pub, the friend she also advised me she had divulged our blog to!

Well of course who wouldn't want to come meet Agnes and Kat for a drink ha ha! No hiding now! I was not concerned about him knowing about blog and our wicked ways as he had met Kat thru AM so he had already entered this adulterous secret I figure he has as much to lose as me by breaking any trust! (we live in a very small community...not geographically so much just in the 'who you know')

Well he showed up, and definitely seemed a bit nervous, but there was an element of excitement and curiosity about him too! I mean it was clear there was some serious attraction between him and Kat! But also he had this knowledge of me and my whorish ways! And you have to know if I know someone knows of those ways I am quite comfortable talking about "stuff". We actually had some interesting conversations and he asked me some good questions. One particularly good one, that I ask myself a lot, while I do love my FG, can I be totally honest with him (essentially would I ever tell him about my extracurricular activities). It was kinda funny cause he was very careful to make it clear he was not judging by asking his questions; I knew he was not judging, just intrigued and curious I guess.

Anyway, he was getting ancy and he wanted to go, but he was also getting quite turned on. Kat offered to take him to her truck, of which I strongly encouraged. I should have just stayed in the bar and waited for them to do their thing but nooooo i went to the truck and of course was motioned inside to join them. I told them "no i would come back" but they insisted. So I jumped in. Told them to just carry on and ignore me! Well they began to do their thing while i was reading emails from FG etc. All of a sudden I feel a hand reaching over my seat touching my shoulder and my face etc, then Kat suggests that he just give me a kiss as he is a great kisser and I need to experience it, or something like that. Well no hesitation on his part to lean over my seat for a kiss. He moved back and Kat moved into a position she is very skilled at (of course I am still traumatized by the slurping and sucking noises I had to endure!) He was definitely getting very turned on, not only by Kat's handy skills but the fact that he was in a truck with two women, and the second one, ME, was allowing him to kiss her and touch her! His hand continued to reach over the seat to try to touch me and then he asked me to come back there, and was kind of pulling me back...meanwhile our lil' workhouse Kat was going at it. I remember thinking, "she is having to do all the work, while here we are kissing" and she told me later she started to think the same thing. In fact it was taking so long for him to cum (or seemed that way), that again a thought crossed my mind and I almost wanted to tell him "pay attention, she is doing a good job down there" ha ha

Anyway, he came and we retreated to our respective seats. We all kind of laughed about the situation, I think he was apologizing a bit (maybe that was for puncturing my lip! lol) but he also was very turned on with what just happened. No slag against him, nice guy, but I had a beer buzz and I have difficulty saying "no" so I just went with the flow, I mean really what else was I supposed to do? And I was admittedly drawn into the whole scene knowing it was a huge turn on for him. And more importantly, I knew Kat was okay with it. I was taking cues from her on whether or not this was all okay that I kissed "her man"; I mean after all she suggested it!

While none of this isa big deal in the grand scheme of things (for Kat and I that is), I just wonder when I will be able to not put myself in these situations and be faithful to the man I love? Not trying to be dramatic here...just continues to baffle me at times. And would I have done this without a beer buzz? And here Kat and I were just talking the other day about growing up, maturiing, moving into a new phase...ha ha

Happy Easter one and all...


  1. You two are TROUBLE and that's why I like you both so much!!!

  2. OMG Agnes, could I be the one that encourages you to be BAD? It seems like most of the trouble you get in is with me. I'm so sorry I am such a bad influence.....wait, wait, wait....what the hell am I saying...I brought you home at a reasonable time that night before you got into any MORE trouble. I take that sorry should be saying thank you. ;) LMFAO

    As for sharing...well what are friends for. At least you didn't giggle through it all this time.

    Love ya my friend. xoxo

  3. She really is a bad influence on me, I was never like this before I met Kat...