Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Day...

So I have not really posted much about my "home" life, and will not go on about it. Some of you know what is going on, and I thank you for your continued support and advice along the way.

June 1st I will be moving out on my own for a bit...a sabbatical from my marriage I told my new landlords (well my first ever landlords!) Can you believe I have never lived on my own??!!! I met my husband at 17, married at 21...I literally moved out of my parents' house with a box in hand, and in with my hub after our wedding day.

Well much has happened over the 26 years we have been together, most of which was good, great in fact. But as you have been reading, I have been questioning my marriage, myself etc I finally hit a wall, and a disconnect with the hub and as a result things were getting more tense at home. We decided in recent weeks it is best for me to move out and take some time and space to figure out ME and then we can work on US. So I have a lot of work ahead, and a lot of soul searching to do, and some difficult choices to make (the biggest of course relates to FG). And the hard part is, that at the end of this all, I may end up alone, and I need to be okay with that too. I know that I cannot carry on as I have been living. I have no regrets about how I have been living, as this is all part of a journey, right? I do know I am looking forward to getting to a better place. A place where I am not seeking out the attention of others to feel good about myself. A place where I don't need to lie or cover up...whereas I was craving sex and men, I am now craving honesty and embracing who I am and not who I am with! (as much fun as that was!)

hmmm ...does any of that even make sense? Kinda got rambling there...and gee I guess I did talk a bit about what's going on...oops!

Anyway, I actually started this blog post, because of my moving date...with the news of that, I have been receiving all sorts of offers of assistance from Kiwi, the Firefighter (an AM guy who has befriended me, but not deflowered me lol), my soccer friend, Single come help me set up my new pad, or sorry, was that "break in"...hmmmm...I wonder why?! Even a good girlfriend of mine is already planning parties and thinking of opportunities for her and her lover to use my place for their trysts! Does this all seem conducive to my soul searching??? Anyway, I will only be accepting guests who come bearing gifts ie. barbeques, groceries, okay maybe a massage, some good head...KIDDING!!!!! Oh and maybe I will have make love with FG one last time in my murphy bed - please can I just hide him in there in case of emergency? Do have to be celibate?

TGIF everyone!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The accent gets me every time...

I have some stuff going on at home and with FG, so I guess I needed a diversion this past weekend. I had a weekend away with some ladies at a sporting event and of course I knew there would be boys, but I was not that interested when I set out, and the company I was with would be a bit challenging to partake in some naughty activities.

Well, of course that did not get in the way!

The first night, I made out with a boy (and attempted to get him off, before we got interrupted and I had to get up to my room), and he invited me to his room. Mr. 113! He was okay but not really my type, and I was not really that interested thus the reason I never went to his room.

The second night, after our games, we went for a hot tub. Just the gals, sitting, chatting, having a few drinks...well not long after the hot tub was full with some fellows...and when the one fellow opened his mouth, out came the scottish accent (an understandable one), that combined with his blue eyes and sweet smile, I knew I was done! Even after we got out of the hot tub with the ladies, as we walked back to the room, I said to my friend, "The accent gets me every time...he is so cute!" or something like that. We went down later to bbq, and low and behold our fellows were cooking their supper at the same time. Of course mine was in charge...OMG I love a man who can cook! He was was grilling asparagus and then tossed it in pesto...yum yum yum (of course I stole a spear and seductively ate it for him ha ha). Anyway, we cooked and ate and then we all sat around the fire pit together. The young fellows were to head off to a dance, but we decided to stick around. As they walked away my friend and I we looked a bit pathetic and forlorn. They turned back to ask if they could knock on our door on their return. Of course we said yes!

We ended up visiting a bit with some other friends but then headed back to our room, it was kind of funny (we were both quite drunk at this point), we climbed into our bed with clothes on and were just going to wait for the knock! Well the knock came shortly after that...I guess the lure of these crazy girls was bigger than the dance, for two of them anyway! So we all hung out with our other friends for a bit having a few more drinks, laughs and a chat, then we decided to leave. We were going to go to the boys' room but they had a did we, but ours was passed out cold! So the four of us went back to our room and we all climbed into one bed (it was so high school and ridiculous but yet fun!). Next I knew, my roomy was making out with her guy and then my guy and I started to kiss (meanwhile our other roommate slumbered away...I hope so anyway!). My bedmate and her guy ended up leaving and that left my guy and I alone...well, that boy had some skills, he had me soaking my pants in no time and then he carried on, first with his fingers, then with is mouth, I think he was one of the best I have ever been with, especially making me cum when I was so drunk, that is usually near impossible! He just kept going and going...I could have but I wanted to please him. Okay, so he was not big at all, in fact, maybe the smallest dick I have ever fact, the asparagus spear may have been bigger...but I did not skip a beat, I dealt with what was in hand...and I successfully brought him to an orgasm...and then we lay in bed and talked for another hour or two, just cuddling and holding each other. Okay, so he was 17 years younger than me but he was an old soul...he kept asking me "Agnes, what's your story?" And, "Agnes, what's your passion? need to find your passion" He stayed what remained of the night and then left in the morning when we had to get going to our event. We never really got to say a proper goodbye, i hate that part.

I am such a sucker for cute young boy who gives great head, and makes me feel good about myself too! So of course I want to track him down, I could just leave it as a one night stand, and it will likely stay that way, but for some reason I am drawn to him and am interested in seeing him again. Ugh why do I torment myself! Ha Ha

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Morning Story

Ask and you shall receive! This is what I awoke to this morning (upon my request for a story):

A morning story? As he leads her delicately down to the waterfront on a beautiful warm n sunny day. There beside tangle of logs is blanket, next to it is a bottle of red wine chilling in the shade. An umbrella tilted to one side gives them all the privacy they seek.

As she walks ahead to a nearby log, the warm evening breeze flutters her sundress. He gazes at her shaded naked outline revealed inside her sundress as she stands in front of him. She smiles, taunts him and asks, "what are your intentions". He takes her hand, gently pulls her into his arms. His arms lock her firmly into him, his hands caressing her cheeks, kneading them through the thin material. Her hands caress his face as she pulls his mouth to her breasts, his breath heavy with desire as they squeeze each other.

Standing there in each others arms against the log, he continues to breathe in her aroma. In a wink she is now against the log, his gaze tells all she wants to know as his fingers delicately tease her moist clit. His fingers wet with her passion run up inside her dress, over her nipples as he stares at her to lick his fingers. His eyes scream, "I'm going to fuck you so hard". She smiles approvingly. His hands cup both her breasts, squeezing gently but firmly. His teeth bite her nipples to feel them harden. His hands slide down to her cheeks n he pulls her into him so she can feel his cock through his swim trunks. He pulls her even tighter, she arches her head back while her hands pull his head back. She wants to feel his throbbing cock. He loosens his grip, she gives herself to him, she surrenders to her knees n pulls the draw string of his trunks. She gazes intently into his eyes as she takes his cock in her mouth. She keeps her eyes locked onto hers to watch his every sigh n look of pleasure. Her lips lock onto the head of his cock. Her tongue presses on the bottom side as she starts a slow rhythmic motion up n down his shaft, stoping briefly to squeeze his head with her lips. He gazes at her while standing there , his hands playing with her soft curls. He moans how good her mouth feels on him n pleads to fuck her, she ignores him. Her hands reach up to his cheeks and squeezes them. Her fingers press stealthily deeper between his buttox. He is completely taken over in the moment as he begins to peak knowing he can't stop his orgasm. With one hand firmly holding his cock into her mouth, the other probing his ass, he releases himself into her with relief n he collapses to his knees and lays back to catch his breath. He feels her hand squeezing, holding his cock firm n hard. She pins his wrists into the sand, climbs onto him n says, "now fuck me". She places her soaken pussy over his cock stabbing herself with it in a lustful thrust. As she continues to pin him there, her pussy sliding up n down on his cock. He feels her tongue on his neck, her heavy breath whispering to him, "feel my rain" as her body stiffens in ecstasy n she soaks herself with her juices and collapses on him.

I replied to him that I needed a cigarette!

P.S. this story as inspired by a quick fuck on the beach yesterday afternoon. It had been building, and while there is a time and a place for "making love", our moods warranted a good hard fuck! I arrived at our meeting spot, we locked lips, weaved our way down to the beach, blanket in hand and not long before pants were removed and we were fucking...a much needed release for us both!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Date Night

I think I actually went on a real live date with FG Tuesday night...

Well kind of a working/dinner date! We went to a business seminar and then dinner, in a public restaurant! It was so weird and wonderful. I am not going to lie, while it was wonderful, there was some awkwardness in that we were both looking over our shoulders quite a bit. Can never be toooooo careful!

I have to say the best times with FG have been the least planned! I had sent him a text in the afternoon telling him I was bit nervous about attending this seminar (I know I know I am old enough, but those childhood days of being shy still carry over at times...don't worry I am working on growing up and stepping out of the box and becoming more adult like!), and I joked he should join me. He does actually own his own business, so it was relevant for him. Anyway, I figured he would have child taxi duties or other errands for the wife...but then I get a response back saying "Yes, how do I sign up!" So he got himself signed up and he met me downtown.

We walked into the seminar together. The facilitator immediately said, "are you two together?" which FG was quick to respond "no". Anyway, the tone was set, so now I definitely could not touch his leg under the table which I was so tempted to do many times. And then he texts during the seminar to say he wants to nibble my was painful I say, sitting there for over an hour and not touching...ha ha. But it did help me pay attention to a very useful seminar!

The seminar finished up a bit early, so I suggested we go for dinner. There is a restaurant near my work that is fairly quiet and has great booths! So we went there. We were both so excited to be going to a real restaurant for dinner! He told me to order for him as I had eaten there before. We both ordered a glass of malbec...his favorite wine. And the icing on the cake...the hockey game was on the big screen tv in front of us (he is a huge hockey fan!). Anyway, we stole kisses, we chatted, we touched each others legs under the table, it was a wonderful meal almost "normal".

After dinner he walked me to my car, and kissed me goodnight. We were going to drive closer to home and meet at our "spot" but time was running away from us, and he was getting restless! (well the wife was texting!). So we parted ways...

He called me on the way home to thank me for a great night. Just typing this it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about that night and how we really enjoy each other's company, and that is not just about sex! (we have been joking lately saying, "is this just about sex?"). I guess the answer is yes and no...because of our feelings for each other, it all seems so nicely intertwined!

TGIF everyone!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Telltale Sign

It's like he knows when I need a bit more attention then usual.  I had just finished talking to B and could tell he had been a bit distracted during our conversation.  An our after talking I get a "ding" on my phone notifying me of an email.....this is what I got.

It's really your legs that I haven't paid enough attention to. So let's start there. At your feet. Or more particularly your toes. I think in a recent study they found that a majority of men found women's feet just as sexually enticing as tits and ass (sweet sweet tits and ass). I'm not sure that applies to me but I do like a good foot. Foot fucking? I don't know. Maybe with the right liquids. I move slowly past your non-ticklish feet (LAME), up your ankle with a firm hand, up the inside of your calf and stopped for a near painful squeeze. And then to the underside of your knee for a bite. Turn towards the inside of your thighs. The smoothest skin on your body. And just stay there for a while, a while, a while, a while. Keep moving up your ass, also needs a nice firm squeeze. Up to your waist and now you're warm all over. The small of the back. Up the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Between the shoulder blades...down and SIDE BOOB. finally.

Now you can feel me on your back or more accurately I can feel you on my cock. My first impulse is to turn you over right then and there but I think your back deserves it.

Moan after moan after groan after groan and I think you're either going to fall violently asleep or crumple in my hands. I run dow the center back, skirt the small of the back and down between your thighs. Yes she's wet and I'm out of patience, I'm going to take what I deserve. I dig in just above the hips and bring you up to your knees. I find her and slide myself all the way in ...not sure if it was me or you who let the room know it.

I fuck you slowly for what seems like a long time. The pace I wanted. Content just to fuck. Rather enjoyable. So enjoyable I start to lose myself and grab your hips, digging in. I start to move faster deeper harder faster deeper harder, not so fast, until selfishly I don't give a fuck, I just want to come inside you. And almost instinctually you sense that I'm going to come, and respond. Pushing back at me, I think you're coming too. Good for you. I can feel you getting hot inside, the telltale sign.
It didn't take long for me to reach an orgasm and fall fast to sleep.  Thanks B.