Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The accent gets me every time...

I have some stuff going on at home and with FG, so I guess I needed a diversion this past weekend. I had a weekend away with some ladies at a sporting event and of course I knew there would be boys, but I was not that interested when I set out, and the company I was with would be a bit challenging to partake in some naughty activities.

Well, of course that did not get in the way!

The first night, I made out with a boy (and attempted to get him off, before we got interrupted and I had to get up to my room), and he invited me to his room. Mr. 113! He was okay but not really my type, and I was not really that interested thus the reason I never went to his room.

The second night, after our games, we went for a hot tub. Just the gals, sitting, chatting, having a few drinks...well not long after the hot tub was full with some fellows...and when the one fellow opened his mouth, out came the scottish accent (an understandable one), that combined with his blue eyes and sweet smile, I knew I was done! Even after we got out of the hot tub with the ladies, as we walked back to the room, I said to my friend, "The accent gets me every time...he is so cute!" or something like that. We went down later to bbq, and low and behold our fellows were cooking their supper at the same time. Of course mine was in charge...OMG I love a man who can cook! He was was grilling asparagus and then tossed it in pesto...yum yum yum (of course I stole a spear and seductively ate it for him ha ha). Anyway, we cooked and ate and then we all sat around the fire pit together. The young fellows were to head off to a dance, but we decided to stick around. As they walked away my friend and I we looked a bit pathetic and forlorn. They turned back to ask if they could knock on our door on their return. Of course we said yes!

We ended up visiting a bit with some other friends but then headed back to our room, it was kind of funny (we were both quite drunk at this point), we climbed into our bed with clothes on and were just going to wait for the knock! Well the knock came shortly after that...I guess the lure of these crazy girls was bigger than the dance, for two of them anyway! So we all hung out with our other friends for a bit having a few more drinks, laughs and a chat, then we decided to leave. We were going to go to the boys' room but they had a roommate...so did we, but ours was passed out cold! So the four of us went back to our room and we all climbed into one bed (it was so high school and ridiculous but yet fun!). Next I knew, my roomy was making out with her guy and then my guy and I started to kiss (meanwhile our other roommate slumbered away...I hope so anyway!). My bedmate and her guy ended up leaving and that left my guy and I alone...well, that boy had some skills, he had me soaking my pants in no time and then he carried on, first with his fingers, then with is mouth, I think he was one of the best I have ever been with, especially making me cum when I was so drunk, that is usually near impossible! He just kept going and going...I could have but I wanted to please him. Okay, so he was not big at all, in fact, maybe the smallest dick I have ever seen...in fact, the asparagus spear may have been bigger...but I did not skip a beat, I dealt with what was in hand...and I successfully brought him to an orgasm...and then we lay in bed and talked for another hour or two, just cuddling and holding each other. Okay, so he was 17 years younger than me but he was an old soul...he kept asking me "Agnes, what's your story?" And, "Agnes, what's your passion?...you need to find your passion" He stayed what remained of the night and then left in the morning when we had to get going to our event. We never really got to say a proper goodbye, i hate that part.

I am such a sucker for cute young boy who gives great head, and makes me feel good about myself too! So of course I want to track him down, I could just leave it as a one night stand, and it will likely stay that way, but for some reason I am drawn to him and am interested in seeing him again. Ugh why do I torment myself! Ha Ha


  1. OMG, Agnes, the asparagus/dick comment made me laugh out loud! Your adventures never fail to entertain!

  2. I have to agree on the asparagus comment, I had a total visual! You so crack me up!