Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Date Night

I think I actually went on a real live date with FG Tuesday night...

Well kind of a working/dinner date! We went to a business seminar and then dinner, in a public restaurant! It was so weird and wonderful. I am not going to lie, while it was wonderful, there was some awkwardness in that we were both looking over our shoulders quite a bit. Can never be toooooo careful!

I have to say the best times with FG have been the least planned! I had sent him a text in the afternoon telling him I was bit nervous about attending this seminar (I know I know I am old enough, but those childhood days of being shy still carry over at times...don't worry I am working on growing up and stepping out of the box and becoming more adult like!), and I joked he should join me. He does actually own his own business, so it was relevant for him. Anyway, I figured he would have child taxi duties or other errands for the wife...but then I get a response back saying "Yes, how do I sign up!" So he got himself signed up and he met me downtown.

We walked into the seminar together. The facilitator immediately said, "are you two together?" which FG was quick to respond "no". Anyway, the tone was set, so now I definitely could not touch his leg under the table which I was so tempted to do many times. And then he texts during the seminar to say he wants to nibble my was painful I say, sitting there for over an hour and not touching...ha ha. But it did help me pay attention to a very useful seminar!

The seminar finished up a bit early, so I suggested we go for dinner. There is a restaurant near my work that is fairly quiet and has great booths! So we went there. We were both so excited to be going to a real restaurant for dinner! He told me to order for him as I had eaten there before. We both ordered a glass of malbec...his favorite wine. And the icing on the cake...the hockey game was on the big screen tv in front of us (he is a huge hockey fan!). Anyway, we stole kisses, we chatted, we touched each others legs under the table, it was a wonderful meal almost "normal".

After dinner he walked me to my car, and kissed me goodnight. We were going to drive closer to home and meet at our "spot" but time was running away from us, and he was getting restless! (well the wife was texting!). So we parted ways...

He called me on the way home to thank me for a great night. Just typing this it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy thinking about that night and how we really enjoy each other's company, and that is not just about sex! (we have been joking lately saying, "is this just about sex?"). I guess the answer is yes and no...because of our feelings for each other, it all seems so nicely intertwined!

TGIF everyone!

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