Friday, May 27, 2011

Moving Day...

So I have not really posted much about my "home" life, and will not go on about it. Some of you know what is going on, and I thank you for your continued support and advice along the way.

June 1st I will be moving out on my own for a bit...a sabbatical from my marriage I told my new landlords (well my first ever landlords!) Can you believe I have never lived on my own??!!! I met my husband at 17, married at 21...I literally moved out of my parents' house with a box in hand, and in with my hub after our wedding day.

Well much has happened over the 26 years we have been together, most of which was good, great in fact. But as you have been reading, I have been questioning my marriage, myself etc I finally hit a wall, and a disconnect with the hub and as a result things were getting more tense at home. We decided in recent weeks it is best for me to move out and take some time and space to figure out ME and then we can work on US. So I have a lot of work ahead, and a lot of soul searching to do, and some difficult choices to make (the biggest of course relates to FG). And the hard part is, that at the end of this all, I may end up alone, and I need to be okay with that too. I know that I cannot carry on as I have been living. I have no regrets about how I have been living, as this is all part of a journey, right? I do know I am looking forward to getting to a better place. A place where I am not seeking out the attention of others to feel good about myself. A place where I don't need to lie or cover up...whereas I was craving sex and men, I am now craving honesty and embracing who I am and not who I am with! (as much fun as that was!)

hmmm ...does any of that even make sense? Kinda got rambling there...and gee I guess I did talk a bit about what's going on...oops!

Anyway, I actually started this blog post, because of my moving date...with the news of that, I have been receiving all sorts of offers of assistance from Kiwi, the Firefighter (an AM guy who has befriended me, but not deflowered me lol), my soccer friend, Single come help me set up my new pad, or sorry, was that "break in"...hmmmm...I wonder why?! Even a good girlfriend of mine is already planning parties and thinking of opportunities for her and her lover to use my place for their trysts! Does this all seem conducive to my soul searching??? Anyway, I will only be accepting guests who come bearing gifts ie. barbeques, groceries, okay maybe a massage, some good head...KIDDING!!!!! Oh and maybe I will have make love with FG one last time in my murphy bed - please can I just hide him in there in case of emergency? Do have to be celibate?

TGIF everyone!


  1. Agnes, you know I am wishing you the very best in your journey. The beginning of your post made me cry, but I was laughing by the end. And your statement about craving honesty and wanting to embrace who you are totally spoke to me. You are a few steps ahead of me in this process and I will look to you for guidance :)

  2. Now you are making me laugh, saying you will look to me for guidance! Now that is funny!!!! Yes, that's me...paving the path for all of us adulterers! Heck maybe I should write a book! Now I am rolling over with laughter...

    Just teasing, thanks for your comment - how bout you and I figure this out together...we can both stumble and falter, and then cruise through the finish line victorious!

  3. This had to be a difficult decision but you seem to have it well thought out so I just want to wish you well. Good luck.