Monday, May 9, 2011

My Morning Story

Ask and you shall receive! This is what I awoke to this morning (upon my request for a story):

A morning story? As he leads her delicately down to the waterfront on a beautiful warm n sunny day. There beside tangle of logs is blanket, next to it is a bottle of red wine chilling in the shade. An umbrella tilted to one side gives them all the privacy they seek.

As she walks ahead to a nearby log, the warm evening breeze flutters her sundress. He gazes at her shaded naked outline revealed inside her sundress as she stands in front of him. She smiles, taunts him and asks, "what are your intentions". He takes her hand, gently pulls her into his arms. His arms lock her firmly into him, his hands caressing her cheeks, kneading them through the thin material. Her hands caress his face as she pulls his mouth to her breasts, his breath heavy with desire as they squeeze each other.

Standing there in each others arms against the log, he continues to breathe in her aroma. In a wink she is now against the log, his gaze tells all she wants to know as his fingers delicately tease her moist clit. His fingers wet with her passion run up inside her dress, over her nipples as he stares at her to lick his fingers. His eyes scream, "I'm going to fuck you so hard". She smiles approvingly. His hands cup both her breasts, squeezing gently but firmly. His teeth bite her nipples to feel them harden. His hands slide down to her cheeks n he pulls her into him so she can feel his cock through his swim trunks. He pulls her even tighter, she arches her head back while her hands pull his head back. She wants to feel his throbbing cock. He loosens his grip, she gives herself to him, she surrenders to her knees n pulls the draw string of his trunks. She gazes intently into his eyes as she takes his cock in her mouth. She keeps her eyes locked onto hers to watch his every sigh n look of pleasure. Her lips lock onto the head of his cock. Her tongue presses on the bottom side as she starts a slow rhythmic motion up n down his shaft, stoping briefly to squeeze his head with her lips. He gazes at her while standing there , his hands playing with her soft curls. He moans how good her mouth feels on him n pleads to fuck her, she ignores him. Her hands reach up to his cheeks and squeezes them. Her fingers press stealthily deeper between his buttox. He is completely taken over in the moment as he begins to peak knowing he can't stop his orgasm. With one hand firmly holding his cock into her mouth, the other probing his ass, he releases himself into her with relief n he collapses to his knees and lays back to catch his breath. He feels her hand squeezing, holding his cock firm n hard. She pins his wrists into the sand, climbs onto him n says, "now fuck me". She places her soaken pussy over his cock stabbing herself with it in a lustful thrust. As she continues to pin him there, her pussy sliding up n down on his cock. He feels her tongue on his neck, her heavy breath whispering to him, "feel my rain" as her body stiffens in ecstasy n she soaks herself with her juices and collapses on him.

I replied to him that I needed a cigarette!

P.S. this story as inspired by a quick fuck on the beach yesterday afternoon. It had been building, and while there is a time and a place for "making love", our moods warranted a good hard fuck! I arrived at our meeting spot, we locked lips, weaved our way down to the beach, blanket in hand and not long before pants were removed and we were fucking...a much needed release for us both!


  1. Hold on . . . you're supposed to chill red wine?



  2. Some people like it chilled, perhaps it's a rose? This is a fantasy people and it was written for me, and whether there are typos or things mis worded, I love that he wrote this for me, and that it was inspired by yesterday's events!