Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Telltale Sign

It's like he knows when I need a bit more attention then usual.  I had just finished talking to B and could tell he had been a bit distracted during our conversation.  An our after talking I get a "ding" on my phone notifying me of an email.....this is what I got.

It's really your legs that I haven't paid enough attention to. So let's start there. At your feet. Or more particularly your toes. I think in a recent study they found that a majority of men found women's feet just as sexually enticing as tits and ass (sweet sweet tits and ass). I'm not sure that applies to me but I do like a good foot. Foot fucking? I don't know. Maybe with the right liquids. I move slowly past your non-ticklish feet (LAME), up your ankle with a firm hand, up the inside of your calf and stopped for a near painful squeeze. And then to the underside of your knee for a bite. Turn towards the inside of your thighs. The smoothest skin on your body. And just stay there for a while, a while, a while, a while. Keep moving up your ass, also needs a nice firm squeeze. Up to your waist and now you're warm all over. The small of the back. Up the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae. Between the shoulder blades...down and SIDE BOOB. finally.

Now you can feel me on your back or more accurately I can feel you on my cock. My first impulse is to turn you over right then and there but I think your back deserves it.

Moan after moan after groan after groan and I think you're either going to fall violently asleep or crumple in my hands. I run dow the center back, skirt the small of the back and down between your thighs. Yes she's wet and I'm out of patience, I'm going to take what I deserve. I dig in just above the hips and bring you up to your knees. I find her and slide myself all the way in ...not sure if it was me or you who let the room know it.

I fuck you slowly for what seems like a long time. The pace I wanted. Content just to fuck. Rather enjoyable. So enjoyable I start to lose myself and grab your hips, digging in. I start to move faster deeper harder faster deeper harder, not so fast, until selfishly I don't give a fuck, I just want to come inside you. And almost instinctually you sense that I'm going to come, and respond. Pushing back at me, I think you're coming too. Good for you. I can feel you getting hot inside, the telltale sign.
It didn't take long for me to reach an orgasm and fall fast to sleep.  Thanks B.

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  1. I'd wake up for that kind of "ding" any time!