Monday, June 20, 2011

Adventure Day

Those are the words I used to set the stage to go on that road trip with FG, the one I probably should not have taken with all that has gone on, but something was compelling me to do it - and I am glad I did!

I advised my hub and daughter that I was going on an adventure day on Saturday and while I would have my phone on me it was to be used for emergencies only! And honestly at the point of telling my hub I was not 100% sure I was going but at least I had things set up so if I did go I would not have to much!

Both FG and I knew we probably shouldn't be doing this but we also knew we both wanted to. I gave him an out right up to the last minute but he said he would like my company.

He ended up sleeping over that night as we had an early start, and despite my efforts not to have sex (he was sleeping when I arrived, so I slipped on pj's and snuck under the covers), he awoke on my slipping under the covers and immediately reached over for a big hug and kiss, he was not wearing any pj's!!!! I told him next time the flanny pj's that go from head to toe will be worn!

We got an early start the next morning and hit the highway! We had to keep our distance for the first part of our journey for fear of being seen together but once we got out of town, we were free and clear (yet we both still looked over our shoulders here and there).

It was a fun day of driving, talking, laughing (especially when shopping for clothes for him), eating, many touches (just tender familiar ones, not sexual Kat!) and a kiss...oh and I did offer a road header, but that was meant as a joke! On the way back home we stayed in our vehicle so we could spend the end of the trip together. He left me at one point and when he came back he handed me was a key chain with a stone, which was engraved "gratitude" and then he said, "Thank you for spending the day with me today." We then held hands and fell asleep for the last part of our journey. When it was time for us to separate, I kissed him and thanked him for a fun day.

I really do care deeply for this man...I am not sure where we will end up but I do know for now we enjoy each other's company and given the opportunity to spend time together, I will have a tough time saying no. Yes, I wish we could both be honest with our families about this relationship; I do wish for that one day. As to whether that can ever happen? Time will tell.

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  1. Hello there . First thank you for stopping by.
    When I was cheating, I could never be gone
    for more than a couple of hours.
    My family and mother keeps such close tabs
    on me 24/7.
    Cause we are super close.
    So it made it really hard.
    I of course pushed the limits
    and of course that caused alot of
    After my husband found naked photos on my
    phone, it all came to a head.
    So now I'm trying hard to be good.
    Sooo freakin hard I tell u.