Friday, July 15, 2011

Woo Hoo

I was Facebook stalked! I maybe did that once or twice in search of a one-nighter...but never have been the recipient!

But today was the day...full moon and all! I saw I had this message on FB saying "hey did I meet u at THE BAR on friday I didn't have my phone.....I could be wrong" and then after I said I didn't fully recall our interaction, he said "haha we were going to exchange numbers but I didn't have my phone...still waiting for PHONE CO to fix mine....anyways we should hang out sometime if you want if not that's cool too we had a good night."

Too funny, considering I only remembered (well thanks to my friend reminding me) that I had even met him ha ha. I had a vague recollection but then he disappeared but apparently he had been trying to get me to go to another bar! And guess what, he is all of 27! That seems to be the magic number for me! His comment "...I'm 27 not that young really."

Well I am sort of separated, and he is not looking for anything serious, should I give him a go?! When he said he was not wanting anything serious, I said "Oh I want to marry you!", and he responded "I don't think you want that". This is cracking me up! Just the comic relief I needed for a Friday afternoon when I don't feel like working!

Not a bad Friday actually, I had a coffee date with Big (a business meeting actually), and successfully kept it above board. He did make a comment when we departed that "he wanted to grab my ass and tits and fuck me", but I just smiled and said, "talk to you soon!". Kind of nice being able to say "No"...oh and I got my weekly message from Kiwi, offering up his services one again, and asking if I changed my mind!

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone! Go have some sex! (and don't forget to write about it!)


  1. can i follow u on facebook? lol ...

  2. stalkers are a scary thing.
    I have had two fb stalkers.
    the bad thing is I only have family or ppl I know from HS.
    the 2nd stalker dated a gf of mine in HS.
    He sent me flowers to my freakin job.
    Hello can you say crazy.
    did I mention I am m a r r i e d.