Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm such a man!!!

I'm a 16, 18 and 25 year old boy in a 39 year old woman's body...SERIOUSLY!!!  I think about sex 24/7, I have sex whenever I possibly can and I can't commit to just one person.

I know I am way past due to post but as you can imagine I've been a bit busy.  I'm officially single and loving every minute of it (well maybe not every minute but close).  I am seeing B on a more regular basis but nothing really has changed about our relationship.  He is the perfect "friends with benefits".  We have a great time together and the benefits are unbelievable.  So why am I not committing to him...because he isn't who I imagined myself with.  I think we both know, or at least I know, that we are not compatible.  I don't want anything to change and hoping that he doesn't least not anytime soon.  The one problem that I was having is that I was feeling a bit guilty because he doesn't know that I have been with other men.  It's been a year and a half and more then time to discuss what our "relationship" was.  I needed to confirm with him that we were not exclusive and that I was okay with him seeing other people and I needed him to be okay with me being with other men.  The conversation went very well and I believe we came to an understanding that anything that happens with other people that neither one of us wanted to know.  It felt good to finally define whatever we have.  Phew  So that is the 25 year old in me....not wanting to commit.

The 18 year old....just wants to get laid (do people still say that?)  Two weekends ago I was a bridesmaid at a good friend's wedding.  I always thought that it was just in the movies that the bridesmaid lands up having sex with the groomsman so I was a bit shocked when it actually happened to me.  Okay maybe not totally shocked because I had a feeling at the rehearsal dinner that I would be hooking up with the Best Man.  The day of wedding there was a lot of innocent flirting back and forth but I also noticed that one of the other bridesmaids was eyeing him up as well.  That just made me even more excited...I love a challenge.   Nearing the end of the night he asked me to dance and during the dance I turned to him and said "you know exactly where this is going..right?".  He was visibly shocked but leaned in anyways and kissed me...I'm not a big fan of people necking on the dance floor so I asked him to join me outside.  We kissed for quite awhile was unfortunate because he isn't a very good kisser.  I could of turned it off right there but thought....fuck it I might as well take him to my room.  Very few clothes were taken off when we got up there (typical gowns that are impossible to get out of).  Despite his inability to kiss my mouth he was really good with his mouth on my pussy...the area that counts the most anyways.  20 minutes later we were back down at the reception and I felt like all eyes were on me.  I wanted to get up on a table and yell "YES I JUST HAD SEX...MAYBE YOU ALL SHOULD TOO".

The next morning he sends me a text to come down and cuddle.  Are you kidding me...CUDDLE?!!!...whatever happened to one nighters.  But I'm still a woman and the need to please still has power over me.  With the hopes that there would be no cuddling and just sex I went down in just my robe. hehe  Sure enough I was back in my room within 25 minutes and somewhat satisfied.  He lives in the East and I live in the West so surely that would be the end...right?  NOPE.  He has my cell number and has been texting me none stop.  What is a girl to do...I even tried to tell him that I make really bad girlfriend material because monogamy is lost on me...he didn't care.  I will slowly have to ween this one off.

A couple of days after I got home from the wedding I sent the neighbor a text on the off chance that he was available.  Here was our text dialogue:

Me:  Hey you...home alone tonight, can you swing by.
N: there at 6
Me:  Perfect!!!  Any special requests?
N: Within 10 seconds of me walking in I want my cock in your mouth and after you swallowed my load I want you to make me hard again so I can fuck you.  Sound good?
Me:  Hellz Yeah

So as planned his cock is in my mouth and he blows his load...everything is going well...the kissing continues...perfect...he never gets hard again..WTF.  So I'm lying there thinking he will just pleasure me in other ways...not a chance.  "Okay well I better go...see you later?" Ummmmmm NOT A FUCKING CHANCE.  Of course I didn't say that but I wanted to.  So I have decided to strike him off my list...bah bye Neighbor...good riddance!


As the neighbor left me extremely frustrated I was excited when B said he would come spend the weekend.  Poor guy had to clean up the mess that the neighbor left and he had no knowledge of it.  Thankfully B is very giving and he had no problem satisfying my every need.  So much so that he landed up with a very sensitive cock by Sunday and I was left with a bladder infection...the sign of a great weekend.  :)

Well that's all folks....for now anyways.


  1. I think necking is also an old school term...

  2. I'm with Agnes on necking and getting laid. I also don't think its exclusively a man thing to want to sample everything available especially if your single.
    Fuck, suck and enjoy i say.