Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Time to wash the sheets...

Three nights in a row, whatever will I do with myself tonite...my wee purple just cannot cut it after three nights of bed soaking, ass fingering sex!

Who knew how much pleasure he would get out of my finger being slipped into his ass. I have been so tentative to go there...but I finally did, the lube was out for a massage and I thought, why not! And it was well received, so to speak! I did it the first time Sat night after many libations, but last night in a sober state, I ventured there again...which of course led to him reciprocating with some finger fucking...oh how I love his fingers!

I guess I had not really done this ever with FG (but I know the hub used to enjoy this, and I am sure it happened with a stranger or two one in particular, the boy "Johnny" who remains faceless, poor guy, I left him in pool of female ejaculate! ha ha), but the other night when I was riding FG, I kept coming over and over, but I would pull him out and let him feel the rush of my cum all over his cock...he LOVED IT! He was like a little kid, he kept asking for me to do it again, "cum again?" to which I obliged. Sometimes there is an abundance of cum, where does that all come from??? What a mess, but what a turn on for him and for me to see how wonderfully in awe and excited he is that my body can do this (and that his cock is responsible for bringing it about). He also insisted while I was on top that I just rubbed my soaking wet pussy all over his cock, particularly pausing over the head of his cock and then directing my pussy to allow him to slip right in. Nothing quite like that feeling of entry for him and for me. For some reason though FG cannot cum in this position, so after I fuck him, he always demands it is time for him to fuck me! Each night (combined night/morning) he came twice, and we even went for round 3 on Sunday night, that never happens with him. I told him now we just need to work on his recovery time! Anyone have some suggestions on building this up?

So I hear I sit horny...again...why did I write this knowing I will not be getting any tonite ugh! And likely not tomorrow night, or Thursday...why would I torture myself this way?! OMG I think I may need to run to the ladies' room...Heh Kat can I borrow your vibe?!


  1. Ok so I guess squirting really isn't a myth? I'll have to do some serious research then!


  2. Oh, I am jealous - I have not had the three nights that you did! Sounds amazing.

  3. France, squirting is not a myth and I think I gush more than squirt...started happening just after I turned 40, Big started tapping my g-spot but it was the hub who turned it on and then it never stopped. It can be a problem in the car or elsewhere, carry spare panties and pants and cover your seats!!! My car under a blue light would be nasty! Good luck on your research! And you can control it too at times, Kat usually does!

  4. I do control it...although when I've been drinking it can be quite a mess (very wet skirt). Definitely not a myth and at times woman may think they have peed themselves because there is so much liquid that comes out...but I can assure you that it isn't.

    Men seriously think they have won the lottery when it happens...it's quite comical.

    Have fun with your research France.