Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My very own Swiss Mr.

I'm so glad that Agnes met her Swiss Mr!  Agnes's Swiss Mr. came back after two years to visit.  After their weekend away he planned on coming to see her in our home town (Agnes will have to catch you guys up on her own adventures with Swiss Mr.).  This is when Agnes suggested he bring his friend that he was travelling with because she had a friend (ME) that could entertain him.  I was a little apprehensive and asked that they send a picture of his friend. (so wish I could post the picture that was sent because it was absolutely delicious.)  As soon as I saw that naked ass staring at me I was so excited to meet my new friend.  The plan was that all four of us would go out for dinner.  So they picked me up at home and I climbed into the back seat with Swiss Mr.'s hot friend (Now known as Hotty).  Anyways, we had a lovely dinner and after some great conversation, some flirting with the eyes, we decided to take a walk along the water.  As soon as we started walking he took my hand and we chatted.  I was so dying to just lean over and kiss him...get it over with...but for one reason I was holding back (WTF I never hold back).  When we got back to the car and started driving back to Agnes's place he leaned over and kissed me...a long passionate kiss.  Now I could of stopped right there because the kissing was...well....not so great.  But as my hand wondered down and I felt his BIG hard cock..there was no way I wasn't taking this further.  When we finally got to Agnes's (I swear to got she was driving like an old granny on purpose) we started having a drink.  But I couldn't wait any longer...left the wine behind and lead him up to the attic.  Once up the stairs he gently laid me on the bed and proceeded to remove my clothes and kissing my body as he did it.  I was anxious to get a look at that cock but his tongue flicking over my clit felt so amazing that I lost complete control.  He started fingering my pussy and my ass at the same time and it didn't take long for me to have my first orgasm.  After he was done licking up all my juices I took the control over and stripped him of his clothes.  WOW he had the most amazing cock (oh yeah and the most perfect body to match).  I took him into my mouth until he pulled me up and said "I don't want to cum yet".  He must have known how large he was because he entered me slowly and once he was fully in he asked if it hurt.  Are you felt fucking amazing.  He had me in every position imaginable and over and over he was making me cum (sorry Agnes you had to listen to my screams and moans of ecstasy).  We had to take short breaks because Agnes's attic was like 150 degrees.  After an hour and a half (or maybe longer..I have no idea) he was ready to I sucked his cock and inserted a finger in his ass and he finally blew his load in my mouth.

The next day I didn't think I would be able to ever have sex again.  All my body parts were hurting...but when I knew I would be seeing him again that night the hurt miraculously went away.  We had a repeat of the previous night and I swear I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  Not only was he a passionate lover but he was also the sweetest guy I had ever met.  

Sooooooooooo now both Swiss Mr.s are gone.  :(  I know that Agnes will see her Swiss Mr. again but I have doubts that I will (and I'm okay with that).  It was an amazing couple nights that I will never forget.  


  1. I will write soon, as I had 4 nights with my Swiss Mister, and then two more when he came to visit me at home; there is a remote possibility of one or two more...I am working on that! He is such a lovely man and an amazing lover, and it is not surprising Hotty was as well. I have to admit it was very difficult not to take both of the Swiss Misters to bed during supper the one night I was alone with them...Hotty was a very fine specimen! I think even my Swiss Mister felt the same about him! ha ha

  2. I love this story of you both getting some Swiss yumminess! It was so nice of Agnes' Swiss Mr. to bring a friend!