Friday, September 23, 2011

Oh he came back...

Well...I went to see him! Swiss Mister's travel plans changed and he had a night and day available for me, so I booked off work and made arrangements to go and see him in a city nearby this past Sunday.

In some ways I wish I had not gone, as saying goodbye AGAIN was hard and I miss him even more. I never dreamed when he was coming out this way to visit that I would get the opportunity to spend so much time with him. He truly is so very special - he is a man that I could see myself with in the "real" world.

We planned for me to travel to him after I spent the day with some girlfriends. He had booked a hotel room for us (it was quite cute, he was very excited about this "suite" he had booked for us). When I arrived, he greeted me at the door in his towel, and was so pleased to show me the "suite". I had been eating and drinking all afternoon, so I needed to dig deep for some energy for this night ahead of us. With Swiss Mister though that is not a problem, things are so easy with him and comfortable. Not in a boring kind of way, but like your favorite old shirt or sweat pants! Soothe your soul - kinda way!

Well it did not take long to start kissing, and for me to rip that towel off and take him into my mouth, and he reciprocated with his amazing oral skills, which ended up with a fuck and a nice wet spot on the bed.

We headed out to dinner, hand in hand...after dinner, as we walked out of the restaurant, we discussed whether we shall go for another drink or back to the room for a massage...funny, we both agreed on the massage! He was supposed to massage me first, but I ended up taking control in that regard, until he took control and flipped me over to fuck me from behind.

We ended up falling asleep, "snuggling and cuddling" (he loves to do that, even googled the words, as those are not in the Swiss vocab). At around 5 a.m. I awoke and was feeling a bit wired again, so I began touching myself...well not long after he awoke and also started to stroke his cock; there is just something about mutual masturbation that turns me on, and clearly him too! He ended up sliding into me from behind and I moved on top of him, he had me cumming in no time, but no such luck for him (I think he may still have been sleeping ha ha).

We crashed again, and then I awoke around 8 or so. I wanted to let him sleep, so I snuck off into the shower. Next I knew he was climbing into the shower. We started kissing and he soaped me up a bit, but then requested we head back to the bed. This time he was awake! and ready for my ass! I love his gentleness, we took our time until we found our rhythm (and some lube!). This time he was able to cum...and so did I, all over his cock, which surprised him a bit!

Back into the shower and off for breakfast! We had a wonderful breakfast at one of my favorite diners and then hit the shops! It was so much fun walking downtown and holding hands and trying on clothes - giving each other our opinions on certain items. Today I am actually wearing my "swiss" jeans...and I love them! Mostly cause they remind me of this wonderful day!

The day was coming to a close and he offered to drive me to the station for my return home. We were running late, so I missed my first connection. He offered to wait with me for the next one two hours later. I went and grabbed us dinner and we sat in his "travel van" and watched the sun set. After dinner, we climbed into the back of the van (which conveniently had a bed ha ha), and we just "snuggled and cuddled" and listened to "classic rock". We did not talk much at this point, we just basked in this moment together. We had talked earlier in the day about his potential return next summer (which I was not expecting at all as I had been thinking about travelling to Switzerland), so I knew this was not the last time I would see him, just an intermission.

Who knows where we will be next summer in our lives, but either way we will meet again. I have no expectations for this "relationship", I am just thankful to have had this experience...again! We did occasionally joke about a future together. We talked about me going on his "world trip" in 5 years from now. We actually would travel well together as we are quite alike, and enjoy similar things. Who knows if this would ever come to light, but it is always nice to have a dream!

He is off travelling again with his friend, still on the continent! Not likely to return this way again before he returns home. We have been staying in touch when we can. I messaged last night and asked him when I will stop missing him, and his response was "One day you probably will...But it will take some time as the last time we've seen us in 2009. But it's the same for me...We'll get that fixed as hard as it may be :)" (okay the translation is a bit off, but you get the idea!). I was telling Kat, he always knows just what to say. He does not blow smoke but he also expresses similar feelings back to me, that this too is special to him; I am special to him.

Back to life, back to reality ...

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  1. Oh how I love Swiss Mr. You two would make the perfect are so cute together...I guess I can dream as well. :) Love you my friend and so happy that you had this special time again with him.