Friday, September 9, 2011

Swiss Mister Returns

Oh and that he did...

It had been two years since we first met on my annual girls' trip! We had maintained contact as I had mentioned in past posts. I was of course filled with excitement and guilt as the day approached. The guilt because before I left on my trip FG had turned things on again (which of course have since been turned off! ha ha...story of my freaking life!). My friend and I commenced our journey, with the first stop being the airport to pick up Swiss Mister!

My friend dropped me off so I could wait inside the I combed the arrivals with my eyes, my heart was pounding with excitement! Next my phone range and it was him, saying "I can see you!" I followed his directions and there he was...we gave each other a kiss and a big hug and just instantly started talking. We all talked all the way to our destination. It was so easy, just picking up where we left off. All my uncertainties fell away. Here we were about to start 4 nights together, only having spent 3 nights together 2 years ago! Sharing cooking, a bathroom and a bed! I knew as soon as I saw his toiletries lined up in a row on the bathroom counter...we were meant to be! ha ha

We got settled in and then we decided we would go check out where the hot tub was...when we were there, no one else was around, he grabbed me and started to kiss me and move his hands all over my body, we were facing into a very public parking lot. As things were heating up , he moved us away from public viewing and we ended up in the changeroom for the hot tub. The one thing that Swiss Mister recalled most fondly from our meeting two years before was the day we left this location and him and I had gone for a walk and ended up at his apartment, I surprised him with a farewell blowjob. So what better way to welcome him back but to take him into my mouth again...hello cock, where have you been for two years...mmm my how your cum tastes so yummy! And the tone had been set for our trip!

I will not give every detail, but let's just say, we ended our nights fucking and woke up fucking every day that we were there, with some bonus sessions. The one nice thing about Swiss Mister is while he is not very big, he knows how to use it. He had me in many new positions and feeling sensations I had never felt before...and of course he got my ass!

It was just so incredible spending all this time with him...I had forgotten how affectionate he was, every chance he had he was kissing my neck or touching me. And he loved to snuggle and cuddle in bed with me.

He had mentioned that he may have a day or two that he could come visit me at home. Sure enough that was confirmed following my return, and or course the bonus for Kat was, he was bringing his friend! They would stay with me for two nights! My first exciting! I was not too concerned about FG as he had gone underground. The boys arrived Sunday afternoon and we started the visit with dinner out that evening. A double date with Kat! So strange for us to be out in public with our men...on a date...and so wonderful! These are truly very special men!

That night of course, was more typical back at my place...while Kat was busy upstairs with the energizer bunny, Swiss Mister and I had our own fun down below. We enjoyed some giggles timing out Kat and Hotty's next orgasm! "Here they go again!"

Unfortunately I had to work the next morning. But on my return home that afternoon, I arrived to my two Swiss boys...what a life! I had told them I would cook them dinner, so they sat and chatted with me while I prepped dinner for them. We shared some wine and great conversation. At one point at the dinner table, I just kept staring at them both thinking I was the luckiest girl alive. Two hot men sitting at my dinner table, and a murphy bed only steps away! ha ha...I restrained myself! We met up with Kat later so she could get one last session in before their departure the next day. Swiss Mister and I left them alone and headed back to my place for our final night alone. It was a wonderful mixture of passion and just a mutual admiration for one another. Swiss Mister is a very gentle lover; we really fit very well. There were no tears, well maybe a wee one snuck out as we lay holding each other. We exchanged words of thankfulness for this opportunity to reconnect again after two years and told each other how special we really are to one another. We talked about me visiting him in Switzerland. I hold out no hopes or delusions of a "relationship" with this man, but am merely thankful to have had such an experience...a second time!

There is a very small chance he may return for one last visit before heading home, and if that happens that would be a bonus, but if not I will just enjoy what I had. Swiss Mister is at the point in his life where he is looking to settle down, so this quite probably is the last time we will see each other in this way, and hopefully things will happen at my end too. Will I travel to Switzerland? I would love to. But we will see how things play out.

I thanked Swiss Mister via messaging later that day thanking him for his visit and that it was even more special than he even knew. He made me realize what I want for my next relationship, and that I do not want to settle on the things that are most important to me. I think I was starting to settle and compromise on many things. While FG is in my life for now in the capacity he is only capable of, I do know he is not someone I will be with long term; he is not someone who will allow me to do the things I want to do in life THAT I have come to realize. I think time will just naturally lead me to where I need to by day, close no doors but keep moving forward all at the same time.

It's funny when I write about someone who is so special to me, it is hard to give the raw dirty details, because the sex is so much more than sex it cannot be described in words...for me that would take away from what I experienced. As I write this I am smiling from the inside out.

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  1. I am so happy you had this opportunity with Swiss Mr. He really is a wonderful man and I am sad that he has to leave. He is a man I can imagine you with...kind, gentle, caring, compassionate and of course very hot. I know that one day we will both find men that have all those qualities and maybe more.