Monday, October 3, 2011

The Kiwi Has Rocks for Brains!

Seriously people, what is with some of the men I have been with????

I come into work today and open up my "hot" account, and there sits a message from the first I smile cause he resurfaces every now and again, checking in to see if I will break and see him again. Well today was different! Today he announces this:

Hey, so bad news. The Wife found an old e-mail of mine to you and I had to tell her that we’d had an affair, not good obviously.

She may get in touch with you, but don’t worry, it’s me she’s pissed at.

If she asks you anything just tell her we met in a bar, had an affair, but DIDN’T have sex, just oral. We had an affair for about a year, and that ended about 1 year or more ago.

Don’t reply to me, she’ll see it and know I’ve been in touch with you....

I’m really sorry, I hate that this has happened and you MAY be involved...I’m still not sure she will get in touch with you though, but I wanted to warn you. Stick to those 3 things, no sex, lasted for about 1 year and it’s been over for a year. It’s all pretty much true anyway.

Again, I’m sorry....when things have calmed down a little we can talk more. Nothing may come of this with The Wife too......but please don’t reply. I’m hoping you get this ok.

Are you f'n kidding me???? Okay seriously, depending on what the email said, and from what I recall most of the emails were about getting together or him jamming etc, no details were ever discussed about specific meetings etc. So he could have just said we had been dirty chatting online, or had contemplated messing around etc..WHY DID HE HAVE TO SAY IT HAD BEEN GOING ON FOR A YEAR???? What happened to the one-night stand?

Secondly, how will she contact me? DOES SHE HAVE MY F'N NAME??? DID HE BREAK THE CARDINAL RULE? NEVER COUGH UP A NAME OF THE OTHER PARTY, KEEP THEM ANONYMOUS!!!! I emailed once on an account that had my name, but the rest were from a no-name account. So is she just going to email me? or did he give her my name? Which means she would call my home phone and that would be my husband or daughter who answer as I am not living at home she knows a really good friend of mine!!!!! She is not great friends with her but still!

So here he is telling me not to contact him or reply to the email. Well, I am sorry but I need to know if my name was given, and how this contact could actually occur! I am glad his ass is covered but mine needs to be covered too!!!! So I called, ensuring that I blocked my number, as I figured if he was emailing he was at work. OH NO, THE STUPID SHIT WAS AT HOME WITH THE WIFE, AND ANSWERS THE PHONE, AND WHISPERS INTO THE PHONE, "CAN'T TALK, DON'T CALL" or something stupid. And then emails saying why did I call??? Well he could have mentioned this all was going down today and he was at home with the wife!!! And maybe don't answer your f'n phone!!!!

So now I wait until he has the balls to call me, or email me again. I want nothing more to do with him other than to find out if she has my name. I already have responses prepared for how to deal with any outfall that may get to the hub. And if she contacts me, I will not respond (Kat's advice); he is on his own! I am not corroborating his story!

It's so funny, all these guys say, "Oh I delete EVERYTHING!" HMMMM....really??? That is how FG got busted (at least he knew the cardinal rule and had a fake name in his phone and never gave me up)...I save all sorts of shit but my shit is under lock and key at all times! It's like that one dumb fuck that his wife called me after a one-night stand, he had left his phone at home or something when I texted (I only texted cause he had been texting me!)

At least he said it was over a year ago since it make it seem so long in the past. All I want to know is if my name is mud and what the email said that led him to so stupidly cough up as much information as he did!

I know I know, if you play with fire you get burned...BELIEVE ME I KNOW...I HAVE BEEN BURNED BADLY once, and am living with the consequences. This actually seems minor. And really, when you get burnt you roll with it and deal with it, and try to never do it again! I am learning....slowly!

P.S. FG and I are still going strong in our newly defined no-expectation-or-obligation relationship. I feel 10X better - mind over matter!

P.P.S. Swiss Mister is still travelling about on our continent and staying in touch when in a wifi zone. Sure would be nice to have one last visit, but not in the cards...I will wait to see if he returns next summer. Who knows maybe I will be in a committed relationship and will have to turn him down, or vice versa! ha ha