Tuesday, February 7, 2012


OMG ...dating...how does one do that? How does one take things slow? This is so foreign to me...

I finally started dating (after getting my closure with FG)...I met a guy on an online dating site, which I thought would never work...I was "hidden" and added him to my "favorites" and the rest is history (after some very crappy responses and interest).

Anyway, we are off to a good start. He is very funny and surprisingly finds me very funny too. He gets my sarcasm, he is patient with my forgetfulness (being with me is like being with Drew Barrymore in 50 first dates). He finds me sexy and is not afraid to express it. He is very happy to have found me and is as equally surprised that we did using this medium.

Anyway, we had an initial coffee date last Friday as we couldn't wait for the meeting we had set up for tonight! We totally hit it off and then kept in pretty good contact over the weekend while I was away. By my return Sunday, he was anxious to see me and me him. We agreed that we could squeeze in a visit before his game last night. I was going to meet him a local coffee shop but I was tired and feeling housebound, and just have a good feeling about him, so breaking all the rules of dating, I invited him to my place for a drink before his game. Rebel I know!

So he came over, we had a glass of wine, and great conversation. It was nearing his time to leave, and by this time there had a been a few finger touches and some hand holding...I did express to him what I wanted out of relationship right now (something casual and fun, but that I do like being affectionate etc), and he leaned over a bit and then that was it, we kissed...it started out as a soft kiss, to something more frantic and passionate...a very pleasant surprise indeed ...and I GOT TONGUE...FG never would give me his tongue! Anyways, he did not want to go to hockey but I encouraged him to do so.

A few more kisses on the way to the door and away he went...well of course there was a text between periods hinting that he would like to come back for more. And of course, I am not one to resist a kiss. I figured it was safe cause it was that time of the month, so I could use that to keep my boundaries.

So back he came after his game, I greeted him at the door and we began frantically kissing again, he stopped and said "I could just rip your clothes off..." I immediately interjected and said "There are two reasons that will not happen (as much as I want that too)...one, it is that time of the month...and secondly, we are only on date 2"...so we carried on...and moved to the couch and totally made out, then the hands began to wander somewhat, and before I knew it my top was off! If he can do with his mouth what he did to my nipples and breasts (making me completely wet and near orgasm) this could be a really good thing...I did cop a feel of what he was packing (so classy I know) and while he is not an FG (mmm I miss that nice thick cock) we can work with what is there! Anyway, we carried on kissing and talking and cuddling, it was very hot and comfortable all the same time. He left quite late and of course messaged me all the way home.

I really had no intentions of even going that far...that is what I need help with!!! How does one go slow? Or do we need to? I mean I love being intimate with someone...I love sex. Is this slutty in the world of mainstream dating? It worked great on AM...but in mainstream, do good nice girls do this stuff?

I am also worried about letting go of my "casual dating" cause things are just so easy and intense right off the bat cause we click. And I am scared to tell him to slow down, but I know I need to for me! I know I cannot rush into another "relationship" ...there could be other men out there I need to meet and date. How does one do this without hurting people? I know I can't worry about that, I have to worry about myself and my comfort level and honoring me, but damn this is hard!!!!

Anyway, that's the latest in my world! Maybe one day Kat will post again?!


  1. Dudes like it when gals don't have all the answers...cuz they don't either! I'd repackage (slightly) all of the sentiments in your last two packages and lay it all out there. Dollar gets you ten, he's thinking much the same!

    And if he's not packing LARGE, that always means anal will be much easier to accomplish!

    1. ha ha I was thinking that about anal too...lol

      Thanks for your comment!

      We did have the talk and it went very well, we both decided we would keep the communication open but at the same enjoy these moments and fun times together...then we went back to my place and made out...

  2. I have to force myself to not allow skin to skin contact or it's all downhill. It gets easier with time but it's been quite a transition for me because I was a jump right in kind of girl. And honestly, I have found that you end up with a much better relationship if you don't jump right in to the physical side of things. It sucks though!


    1. Damn...he slipped the shirt off my shoulder and the bra strap, followed with a kiss down my neck...there is now way one (or at least me) can resist that! I'll try harder next time! but thanks for the advice...